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Launch of Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Asia Blog / Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Mind Science Intensive (Advance Level) on 10th July 2010, Singapore

July 4, 2010

Namaste everyone,

Welcome to the very 1st post for Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Community across Asia!

This blog is dedicated to everything about Dr Pillai (Baba) – our goal is to bring you regular updates about Dr Pillai (Baba)’s teachings and events in Asia.

We are also excited to share with you wonderful testimonials from all of you who have experienced miracles in your lives after practising Dr Pillai (Baba)’s teachings.

And speaking of miracles, here is an excerpt of a fantastic miracle story I received from Heather Anderson yesterday. Heather is a designer who had just started attending our Mind Science Intensives in Singapore.

Heather writes:

“Since last week I have been chanting Shreem Brzee as often as I can, either out loud or in my head and things have started to really happen for me.

I was inspired by the gentleman who shared his story last week about Shreem. He had gone from losing his job in the financial sector to creating huge personal wealth by immersing himself in Shreem.

So the day after the last event, I chanted Shreem Brzee a lot! I also have the words written on my water bottle to embed the concept into the water particles and make sure I’m receiving the idea of shreem in every cell of my body. And quite a few positive financial things have happened since then:

  • Within one day I received a cheque which I was certain would not be coming to me for at least another month. I freelance, so payment can be eratic, I really needed it and had focused on it the night before.
  • On the second day I was given an offer of a small freelance job with someone I haven’t heard from in years! An old boss infact. It turned out to be a great fun experience, 3 days with a lovely team and happy client and I get more unexpected money! And he’s offered me more long term freelance projects now.
  • The most exciting thing of all was yesterday when I received word that the jewellery I have designed had grabbed the attention of a group of people from Melbourne who are all currently making purchases of my designs. These will be the first sales we have made! Not only was this an amazing feeling, to have people Love and Want something that I created from inside my head, but it has started the ball rolling on what we hope will be a financially successful jewellery business. Everything I have designed is based on and inspired by nature and the ‘energy’ captured within the spaces in the designs. I’m excited because it’s a new approach to jewellery and I very much wanted people to connect with that aspect of themselves and really think about the energy of what they are wearing around their bodies. The idea seems to have worked, and I believe Shreem Brzee is helping to make that connection for me and the customers. It’s all suddenly happening so fast!

So my belief and trust in the use of Shreem Brzee is growing daily.

After the first event (the week before), I had focused on Higgs Boson intently, and as I shared with Vijay last week, so many things began to spring into action right away!

My jewellery design took a huge leap with the generous offer from a producer friend to create a free viral video for us featuring an interview with me and footage of the designs.

In addition (a few months back) I had come up with a concept for a TV show featuring a friend of mine who is undertaking a tattoo apprenticeship. I really wanted to help her get her new career off to a great start and so I came up with an idea for a reality TV show. I somehow managed to get a production company interested, but there had been no further response in over a month and I had quite given up on the idea of it ever happening. BUT.. since chanting Higgs Boson, their producer (not the same one as above) came back, out of the blue and everything has moved very quickly. He met the team last weekend, we spent 4 hours together and by the end of it, he was convinced it was worth pursuing. This Sunday (tomorrow) he is bringing a film crew to shoot footage so he can approach TV channels!

I believe this last weeks development has been a combination of Higgs Bozun and Shreem Brzee.

Again this looks set to be beneficial to All involved and that makes me feel really good about the part I’ve played in it.

I’m loving everything that is happening right now. I follow Baba’s teachings on youtube and twitter and I KNOW this is such a positive way forward for all of us. I hope more and more people will embrace the value of these mantras.

Wishes of happiness for all 🙂


Thank you Heather!

And you can read all of Heather’s ShreemBrzee and Om Higgs Boson Aadhi Shivaya Namaha miracle under our “Testimonials” section.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite all you to send in all your wonderful miracle stories so all of us can be inspired from them.

Mind-Science (Advance Level) Intensive This Saturday, 10th July

Join us for our Mind-Science (Advance Level) Intensive at the RELC this Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. The fee is S$60 and those of you who attended either of our last two events need only pay $50!

Mohini, Baba’s primary disciple who is based in Singapore, will be presenting new and advanced techniques from Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Mind-Science teachings, including techniques Baba revealed at His most recent New York and Canada Mind-Science seminar in May 2010.This Mind Science intensive will help you manifest your thoughts and deepest desires.

Here are some things that will be taught this Saturday:

  1. Experience the “secret spot” in the body for manifestation & liberation – Baba revealed this for the 1st time at the New York Mind Science event last month!
  2. Learn how to access this “secret spot” for manifestation
  3. Learn the secret mantra for thought manifestation and how to chant this sacred sound in the most effective and authentic way
  4. Be initiated to awaken this “secret spot” and implant the secret mantra within the “secret spot” to enhance your manifesting power a thousand-fold!
  5. Learn how to implant and amplify the mantra VAYANAMASI into this “secret spot” to accelerate the manifestation of your desires
  6. Learn how to combine the OM HIGGS BOSON ADHI SHIVAYA NAMAHA power mantra with the “secret spot” so you can realise the ultimate power from these sacred sounds
  7. Benefit from body-mind-healing through extended cleansing of the sensory channels in  your spirtual body
  8. Chant these powerful mantras in a group setting to amplfy and acccelerate the power of these mantras a thousand fold!

You can register at or get in touch with me at +65-97309604

See you this Saturday!

In the meanwhile, please drop by often as we will update Baba’s blog with the latest teachings Baba teachings, pictures and soon, videos!

Also, please leave us your Comments, especially if you would like us to give you more information on a particular Baba teaching or technique!

With love


The Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Mind-Science Intensive (Advance Level) will be on 10 July 2010 (Saturday) from 9 am to 1 pm at the RELC. The Mind-Science Intensive (Advance Level) will be taught by Mohini, who has been studying with Dr Pillai (Baba) for over 17 years.

The Mind-Science Intensive (Advance Level) has been specially designed to give you the newest and advanced Mind-Science techniques from Dr Pillai (Baba). For the benefit of Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Asian students,  the Mind-Science Intensive (Advance Level) will incorporate the latest leading-edge techniques from Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Mind-Science most-recent seminar in New York last month:

Here is an overview of what you will be taught at the Mind-Science Intensive (Advance Level):

Understand what blocks us from manifesting our thoughts, and discover the permanent solution

Learn a new secret technique that Dr Pillai (Baba) reveals to help you manifest your most desired thoughts

Experience the “secret spot” in the body for manifestation and liberation – Baba is revealing this knowledge for the first time

Learn how to access this “secret spot” for manifestation

Learn the hidden mantra for thought manifestation – learn how to chant these sacred sounds in the most authentic and effective way

Receive a deep initiation to awaken this “secret spot” and implant the hidden mantra within the “secret spot”, enhancing your manifesting power a thousand-fold

Learn a simple technique you can use during any activity, to keep this “secret spot” enlivened with the seed sound of this new hidden mantra

Learn more tips for further empowering this “secret spot” to bring greater joy in your life

Learn how to amplify the power mantra VAYANAMASI within the “secret spot” of manifestation for accelerated results in order to bring miracles into your life

Receive a profound and advanced initiation in the Higgs Boson mantra with Dr Pillai (Baba)’s own voice. Dr Pillai (Baba)’s voice has the power to enliven the dormant areas of the  brain for activating your Divine intelligence and Divine intuition

Learn how to combine the Higgs Boson mantra with the “secret spot” and access the highest states of consciousness so that you can realise ultimate power from these sacred sounds

Receive further body-mind healing through extended cleansing of the sensory channels in the spiritual body

Experience more extended group chanting of the power mantras above so that you can be the Creator of your destiny.  Chanting in a group amplifies the effect of these powerful and sacred mantras sounds exponentially

The fee for the Advanced Mind-Science Intensive is S$60.

As a blessing to those who attended last Saturday’s intensive and to those of you attending this Friday’s Full Moon Grace Light Event, you get a discounted price of S$50. You are welcome to pay in cash or cheque.

For your convenience, you can also pay by credit card through Pay Pal. (For those who attended last Saturday’s event or for those of you attending next Friday, please drop me an email if you wish to pay by credit card).

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions

With love



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