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Heather’s Shreem Brzee & Higgs Boson Aadhi Shivaya Namaha Miracle Story!

July 5, 2010

Namaste everyone,

As promised, below is Heather’s miracle story in its entirety. 

Heather just only started practicing Baba’s mantras Shreem Brzee (for wealth and abundance) and Om Higgs Boson Aadhi Shivaya Namaha (to get into the particle mind).

Since last week I have been chanting Shreem Brzee as often as I can, either out loud or in my head and things have started to really happen for me.

I was inspired by the gentleman who shared his story last week about Shreem. He had gone from losing his job in the financial sector to creating huge personal wealth by immersing himself in shreem.

While I was unable to spend 8 hours a day in shreem, I did take every possibly opportunity to use the words. I particularly wanted to use Shreem Brzee together. I was unaware of Brzee before, and as I understand it the Brzee adds the concept of wealth for Everyone. I liked that idea very much. It’s completely in alignment with what I want to achieve through all of my creative pursuits. From my children’s books and website ideas to my jewellery designs I want everyone involved in the process to have more than enough for an abundant life.

So the day after the last event, I chanted Shreem Brzee a lot! I also have the words written on my water bottle to embed the concept into the water particles and make sure I’m receiving the idea of shreem in every cell of my body. And quite a few positive financial things have happened since then:

  • Within one day I received a cheque which I was certain would not be coming to me for at least another month. I freelance, so payment can be eratic, I really needed it and had focused on it the night before.
  • On the second day I was given an offer of a small freelance job with someone I haven’t heard from in years! An old boss infact. It turned out to be a great fun experience, 3 days with a lovely team and happy client and I get more unexpected money! And he’s offered me more long term freelance projects now.
  • The most exciting thing of all was yesterday when I received word that the jewellery I have designed had grabbed the attention of a group of people from Melbourne who are all currently making purchases of my designs. These will be the first sales we have made! Not only was this an amazing feeling, to have people Love and Want something that I created from inside my head, but it has started the ball rolling on what we hope will be a financially successful jewellery business. Everything I have designed is based on and inspired by nature and the ‘energy’ captured within the spaces in the designs. I’m excited because it’s a new approach to jewellery and I very much wanted people to connect with that aspect of themselves and really think about the energy of what they are wearing around their bodies. The idea seems to have worked, and I believe Shreem Brzee is helping to make that connection for me and the customers. It’s all suddenly happening so fast!

So my belief and trust in the use of Shreem Brzee is growing daily. I have a particular chair in my bedroom where I have been chanting and I feel as if I’m creating stronger energy there. So each time I sit on it and focus, I feel very inspired and positive before I even begin.

After the first event (the week before), I had focused on Higgs Boson intently, and as I shared with Vijay last week, so many things began to spring into action right away!

My jewellery design took a huge leap with the generous offer from a producer friend to create a free viral video for us featuring an interview with me and footage of the designs. This is now complete and we’ll be putting it out on youtube soon, I recognise this as a wonderful gift because we will now be able to reach endless numbers of people with our concept…  something that would not have been possible on our limited marketing budget. I believe this is going to open the doors to amazing opportunities. Happily it is also a positive for the producer who has generated a crafted sample of his work using unique content and he hopes to get new business with his creation. I love the knock on effect of this whole idea… we help ourselves ‘always and only’ by helping others too.

In addition (a few months back) I had come up with a concept for a TV show featuring a friend of mine who is undertaking a tattoo apprenticeship, (an unusual career for a woman). I really wanted to help her get her new career off to a great start and so I came up with an idea for a reality TV show. I somehow managed to get a production company interested, but there had been no further response in over a month and I had quite given up on the idea of it ever happening. BUT.. since chanting Higgs Boson, their producer (not the same one as above) came back, out of the blue and everything has moved very quickly. He met the team last weekend, we spent 4 hours together and by the end of it, he was convinced it was worth pursuing. This Sunday (tomorrow) he is bringing a film crew to shoot footage so he can approach TV channels!

I believe this last weeks development has been a combination of Higgs Bosan and Shreem Brzee.

Again this looks set to be beneficial to All involved and that makes me feel really good about the part I’ve played in it.

I’m loving everything that is happening right now. I follow Baba’s teachings on youtube and twitter and I KNOW this is such a positive way forward for all of us. I hope more and more people will embrace the value of these mantras.

Wishes of happiness for all 🙂


Thanks Heather for kindly sharing your miracle story with us!

Personally, I love a great miracle story because it gives me the confidence and faith to push on with my practice until I am blessed with my own miracle.  Like everyone else, I’ve argued with my negative mind incessantly – that part of the mind that enjoys saying “It’ll never work… You are wasting your time…give it up…..”.

For me therefore, a miracle story is a priceless opportunity for me to tell my negative mind to “shut up” and to “get lost” as I’m working on my own manifestation. Since Baba’s tools and techniques have brought miracles for another devotee, I have the faith and confidence it will do the same for me too! One of our community members, who started chanting Shreem by tens of thousands inspired me to get a clicker and chant Shreem constantly too. I did so for a few months and as I have shared with many of you, my Shreem miracle from Lakshmi is our new ashram. I can really testify how inspiring and motivating a miracle story can be!

Do you have your own Baba miracle story to share with all of us? If you do, I would love to hear from you and share your miracle stories with our community.

Please leave a Comment below or drop me an email at to share your miracle story with all of us.

See you this Saturday at our Mind Science Intensive (Advance Level), 1o July 2010 from 9 am to 1 pm at the RELC!

With love


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  1. Asha Muthu permalink
    September 3, 2010 9:42 am

    Great to hear the stories and experiences of people.. keep me posted about all the latest

  2. Mynahnni permalink
    November 1, 2010 6:57 am

    I am astonished, truly astonished, by the power of these mantra sounds. How can I begin to thank Dattatreya siva Baba for his generosity in sharing these mantras so openly with the people. So many come without resource to give and then when they are received, they give much. This is the blessing of the mantras as well for the impoverished to know they are not forgotten by Spirit. My prayer is to never take for granted the blessing of the mantras and to do as generous good as is ever possible.

    It is not that money is the be all and end all, but it is a reality that without it, one is shelterless from the storms. To never have enough is always to worry and the spiritual is too often neglected in that fear. The mantras help to keep it balanced. They lift worry and bestow with a mysterious Grace.

    I am new to the mantras by only a brief month or so. I believed I was abandoned and now I am beginning to feel whole, moment by moment. I know I can begin to reach out and share.

  3. Gaylene permalink
    December 15, 2010 3:28 pm

    I also would like to give my appreciation to Siva Baba. I had not been involved with chanting before, but 15 months ago I downloaded chants from the astroved website. I played them on my ipod, I sang them in my car. I am not the same person I was before the chants. I attracted to me so many things that enabled me change into a person with a higher level of intelligence, compassion and appreciation. Listening to Siva Baba and practicing the chants is where it started. My heart has expanded in an amazing way. The chants had an enormous impact on every area of my life. I am full of appreciation and gratitude. Thank you so very much Baba.

  4. Gangadhara permalink
    March 30, 2011 2:00 pm

    thanks to babas blessings life has become a you baba

  5. P.Fernando Cardona Olarte permalink
    October 11, 2011 10:01 pm

    NAMASTE I AM very happy by chanting ” OM HIGGS BOSOM ADHI SIVAYA NAMAH ARA KARA” There is no fear by saying this mantra to become OMNIPOTENT..but at the same time I FEEL from my heart the sun as well as the moon merging in it, I unite both sun ( from my heart), through tongue as bridge and third eye the three of them becoming one and the same so there is neither thought nor TIME, by chanting ” UD YAMOW BAIRAVA” or “ARUT PERUM JYOTHI…….” So next step is just pure joyful creation by viewing my succeed goals fulfiled whatsoever. For instance FOR BACK REJUVENATING PROCESS ( 30 years old just to say something ) I chant: ” OM AMRITA MURUGA SWAH “, or just “AMRITA “over and over again. AMRITA is the Gods´s everlasting youth nectar. Beholding effortlessly my body according the age back I selected. Fulling it of light ” ARUT PERUM JYOTHI………….”

    All my gratitude to Dr. Pillai (om Dattatrya siva baba namah ) My virtual Guru.

  6. P.Fernando Cardona Olarte permalink
    October 15, 2011 6:12 am

    RECENT WORD WIDE NEWS: 26-yr-old Vietnamese woman ages 50 years in a few days….If it did happen that way the opposite process is always doable ……” om amrita muruga swaha “

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