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Mind Science Intensive (Advance Level) This Saturday, 10th July, from 9 am to 1 pm

July 8, 2010

Join us for our Mind Science Intensive (Advance Level) this Saturday, 10th July 2010 at the RELC Singapore (next to Shangri-La Hotel in Orchard Road). The fee is S$60 and S$50 for those who attended any of our last two events. All are welcome.

In an earlier post, I had listed out the amazing Mind Science teachings and techniques you will learn this Saturday. I am however excited about one particular technique that Dr Pillai (Baba) has allowed Mohini to teach – the location of a “secret spot” in our physical and spiritual body which is the most powerful place to implant and work with any mantra in order for the mantra to fully bear fruit.

Knowledge of “this secret spot” comes from the Tamil Siddhas, yogic masters who were inner scientists of the highest order. The Tamil Siddhas handed down such precious teachings from master to disciple only after the disciple had undergone years of rigorous spiritual practice. However, Dr Pillai (Baba) is the first Tamil Siddha master from His tradition to make such teachings freely available to the world for the collective evolution of humanity.

Why is it priceless to master this “secret spot” for your own spiritual practices?

An analogy is choosing the right type of soil to grow a tree. If you plant the seed in sand or concrete , the seed is unlikely to germinate and be able to grow into a tree. Even if the seed germinates, the sand/concrete cannot sustain the growth of the seed. However, if you plant the seed in fertile soil, you know your seed has the best chance of growing successfully into a strong tree.

Similarly, knowledge of this “secret spot” in your physical/spiritual body allows you to implant any mantra in the most powerful location possible for the mantra to take root and bear fruit so that you fully reap its full benefits, be it for spiritual enlightenment, material abundance, attracting a loving partner or for your good health.

Hand in hand with knowledge about the “secret spot”, as an added blessing, Mohini will be teaching you a new mantra revealed by Dr Pillai (Baba) for accelerated thought manifestation!

Therefore, after attending this Saturday’s Mind Science Intensive, you will be armed with priceless information to implant any mantra (including the new mantra to accelerate your thought manifestations) in the most perfect spot for you to realise the full benefits of the mantra!

We still have a few seats available for the Mind Science Intensive this Saturday. You can register at or call +65-97309604 to book your space.

See you this Saturday!

With love


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