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The Miracle Power of the Higgs Boson Mantra: Testimonial From Shakti

August 12, 2010

Namaste everyone,

As we look forward to Dr Pillai (Baba)’s visit to Singapore next week, I would like to share with you a beautiful and inspirational Higgs Boson miracle testimonial from our very own Shakti. Here is Shakti in her own words:

I am Shakti.

Nine months ago, I was a happy housewife looking after my 3 beautiful daughters. I had a degree with a background in marketing. I worked for about 5 years until I became pregnant with my first child. I then resigned to raise my children and 10 years passed with great joy and happiness, or so I thought. Then in November 09, I received some bad news that rocked that belief. I was at a complete lost as to the next course of action. I was privileged to go to Kauai for Dr Pillai’s intensive. There, I learnt about VaYaNaMaSi and diligently chanted that every time I begin to have negative thoughts or emotions. Slowly, I started experiencing many wonderful miracles in my life as the negativity gradually dissipated.

Then, in June 10, Dr Pillai revealed the Higgs Boson mantra. And truth be told, I was completely baffled at this new mantra that sounded so foreign. I met up with Mohini and she told me to do a write a piece about it. Prior to meeting her, I had decided to grab every opportunity that comes my way and when she invited to speak and write about the Higgs Boson, I was nervous as I was no quantum physicist, but I did it anyway.

Since then, my life has seen a 180 degrees change. But here is the funny thing. I hardly ever chanted the mantra. But because I was writing and talking about it, the awareness of the Higgs Boson has been hovering in my consciousness for 2 months now. Apparently, the simple awareness that you are Higgs Boson and God is quite enough for the miracles to start coming your way. The very awareness, at least in my experience, breaks through the karmic cycles to forge the path of your true destiny as old patterns fall away!

The opportunities has been just flowing in non-stop. Nine months ago, I was a housewife with an uncharted future. Today, I am a manager of a wonderful aesthetics company. I am helping to design talks and programmes to help other people realise their true potential and place in this world. I have also been invited to co-write a book on higher human consciousness from the perspective of Quantum Physics and Fractal Maths.

Dr Pillai always says that you are not defined by your title, your house, your car. Your potential is limitless. Today, I truly see and understand his teachings. Dear God almighty, I  cannot begin to thank Dr Pillai enough for his wonderful techniques that have ensured a 180 degree change in my life. I, now, can hold my head high and be the perfect role model for my daughters – to show them what a woman can achieve.

Thank you Higgs Boson and Dr Pillai!!!

Please join us for Dr Pillai (Baba)’s MINDSCIENCE event next Friday, 2o August 2010 (7 pm to 10 pm) at the RELC Auditorium where Baba will give you an intiation into the Higgs Boson mantra. Baba will also teach you about the “secret location” in your body where you can implant any mantra for maximum effectiveness. Baba will lead you into extensive meditations and initations to empower your “secret location”.

You can learn more about what Baba will be teaching during His MINDSCIENCE seminar by clicking HERE

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  1. esha permalink
    April 29, 2011 3:05 pm

    thank you

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