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Baba’s Mind Science Miracles: A Testimonial from Adrienne

August 15, 2010


Here is a really beautiful sharing from our lovely community member, Adrienne, on her divine experiences with Dr Pillai’s Grace Light and MindScience teachings. Please continue to send us your sharings and testimonials so that all of us can be inspired with a life of unlimited possibilities through Dr Pillai (Baba)’s destiny-changing techniques.


Hi Everyone,

Finally I am making an attempt to put into words part of my journey through the teachings of Dr. Pillai.

 It’s been just over two years since I was first introduced to “the Grace Light” here in Singapore.

 This all happened at a time when I had had a casual conversation with a couple of friends stating how nice it would be just for once to sit and have coffee with a Guru. I had two requests of this Guru, one that he  would help me understand esoteric teachings and secondly the big  “who and what am I?” Little did I know how quickly thoughts could manifest into reality, within a very short time I got my wish!

So now with many anecdotes and deep understandings of all I have learnt during this time with Dr. Pillai I will tell a little of my most recent experiences with the Mantra for the mid-brain and the Higgs Boson.

A few months ago on Twitter Dr. Pillai had posted the mantra “Sada Shivom” which hugely resonated, so I started using it straight away. I was at the time attending an eye specialist as I had decided that just because I was in my late 40’s did not mean I had to wear glasses! I had eye exercises I had to do every day and always inside my head whilst doing them the Mantra would automatically play. Within a matter of weeks I was back with my specialist who could not believe how quickly my eyes had improved, I can read labels in the supermarket once again without needing to hold at arms length. As you can imagine I was very excited.

At a later date Mohini held an event in which she was teaching the full Mantra for the mid-brain. It was fascinating as when we were chanting I could see the wiring around my mid-brain which seemed incredibly tangled slip away, all that was left was light, it was a beautiful, blissful moment. For two weeks following the event this Mantra would wake me up at 3am, as if activating itself.

We then had a further event with the Higgs Boson Mantra with Mohini, which once again was beautiful and blissful, with beautiful visions and understandings of the Boson and it’s structure. This I would consciously place in my mid-brain and watch it explode into what looked like tiny magnetic fragments, for want of a better description, quite fantastic!

Since these events I have related to myself as the Boson, and my mind which likes to have fun shows this concept to me me by turning me into pixels, like you see on TV. I’ve had a lot of fun trying to piece myself back into a perfectly whole, healthy, young body, still working on that one!

Now it hasn’t been without it’s challenges. I have had many sleepless nights and very dark experiences of which I won’t go into too much detail as so much of these experiences are personal and based on life stories which cannot always be understood by another. But on one occasion, it was my third night in a row where my demons came to visit, this time in the guise of a very handsome man and as I raised my arm to put distance between us I said “enough, I do not want to continue with fear” I found my arm and his body become pixels as we merged into one, it was at that point  I realized I was him and he was me.

Since then I am still restless at night with so much activity going on, my mind is truly being defragmented and although it isn’t always easy to deal with in my physical body my inner world appears to be at peace. So much so as I walked down Orchard Rd. last weekend with my husband Derek we passed a brass band playing outside Parragon. As the sound waves reached me my entire body went into bliss, I was aware of every cell vibrating. Derek was aware of what had happened and what’s more understood, it was indescribable as it went beyond bliss!

Now I find Mantra’s pop into my head in what would appear to be random moments, except not, as nothing is random anymore.

I have immense respect and love for Dr. Pillai or Baba as most of us know him to be, and to Mohini and Vijay for giving all of us here in Singapore the opportunity to “wake up”

Love and Gratitude Always,



Thank you Adrienne!

Dr Pillai (Baba) Himself will be in Singapore this Friday, 20 August 2010 to teach a special MindScience seminar where He will give initiations into the Higgs Boson & Sada Shivom mantras. Baba will teach you about the “secret location” in your physical & spiritual body and how you can implant the Higgs Boson & Sada Shivom mantras (or any mantra) in this “secret location” for maximum power. Baba will also give you the meditation to awaken and empower this “secret location”.

 Don’t miss this divine opportunity to be in the presence of a fully enlightened master and receive His destiny-changing blessings!

 Full details can be found under the UPCOMING EVENTS page.

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