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Dr Pillai (Baba) in Singapore: 2 Baba Miracle Stories

August 20, 2010

Baba Washing The Feet Of His Students At The River Jordan



Namaste everyone,    

On the eve of Dr Pillai (Baba)’s visit to Singapore, I would like to share with you heartfelt testimonials from two of Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Singapore community members, Susan Wang and Ranjeet Prasad, who have experienced miracles in their lives practising Baba’s teachings.    

Here is Susan in her own words:     

From about a week before the 20th August 2010, I started feeling Baba’s presence beside me.     

 I remembered hearing from one of Dr Pillai (Baba)’s older students that the best way to understand His teachings is to introduce him into my every-day living –like mealtime, walking, shopping, etc.  So I started to invite Baba into our family meals and whenever I could remember Him, I would allow myself to invite His presence around me.  When I taking walks, He was also peacefully walking and enjoying the walks with me. When I was having my meals, He was also sitting peacefully, laughing and encouraging me to nourish myself.  Baba was dressed in white and in His white beard, he behaved like “Santa Claus” – so filled with love and humor.  There were moments when I thought I was hallucinating.     

However, whenever I felt Baba around me, the people I talked to responded with a kind smile, patience and an unusual thoughtfulness, I knew Baba’s presence was real!  There was also situation when I had very limited time to get a list of things done; the buses and trains came without any waiting time and I got the whole list of things done without losing my cool.     

 Before I attended an annual hospital appointment which in previous years, I felt a lot of anxiety about, I prayed to Baba over His picture that I wanted to leave my entire physical body and any medical problem at His feet – that I will undergo any situation with no fear.  When I was in the hospital during the wait, I felt Baba dressed in white sitting jovially next to me – allowing me to coil my arms around His.  The procedure was over in a jiffy – surprisingly, I did not feel the old physical discomfort I felt before.  Again, I questioned whether I was hallucinating.  When I queued up for a cab, a white (the colour of Baba’s beard and garb) Mercedes taxi came along.  There were 2 groups of people in front of me who were also wanted to take a taxi but they did not want to board the taxi.  They told me they wanted to board the regular  taxi behind instead and I could board the Mercedes instead.  I knew for that moment, that Baba’s prosperity thinking and blessings to me in my challenging moments were confirmatory and real.    

I am eager to see Baba come to Singapore on 20 August 2010.  I am also excited to attend the Patanjali’s yoga sutras course for the weekend.    



 Here is Ranjeet:    

Anything that is unexpected, beyond reasoning, comprehension or explanation, anything beyond human limitations, is a miracle.    

That was what I experienced when I practice the mantra Om Higgs Boson Aadhi Shivaya Namamaha. When you least expect, what you have ask for will just appear in front of you beyond your imagination. It is really about the faith you have and your efforts to chant. I have my faith in Baba and I would like to share this with you with the hope many of you out there will experience the miracles in your own lovely lives. My mum has gone through operations knowing and feeling Baba in His non-physical form was by her bedside, taking care of her throughout the whole procedure. He may not be here physically but he is  always with us in spirit. Baba has lifted our spirits in times of need and set us on the path to God .     

 Thank you Baba.    

(You can read more wonderful Baba miracle stories at    

Dr Pillai (Baba) will be in Singapore tonight, Friday, 20 August 2010 to teach a special MindScience seminar where He will give initiations into the Higgs Boson & Sada Shivom mantras. Baba will teach you about the “secret location” in your physical & spiritual body and how you can implant the Higgs Boson & Sada Shivom mantras (or any mantra) in this “secret location” for maximum power. Baba will also give you the meditation to awaken and empower this “secret location”.    

Full details can be found under the UPCOMING EVENTS page.

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  1. Rashida Aden permalink
    November 27, 2010 12:49 am

    Please if possible could you tell me about this Sada Shivom mantra, as I dont know what this is for. Thankyou. Rashida.

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