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A Wonderful Dr Pillai (Baba) Miracle Testimonial from Nalina

September 5, 2010

It always gives me great joy to share with you Dr Pillai (Baba) miracle stories which  I receive from our Baba community. Thank you to all of you for sharing from your heart and please keep sending them in. Your miracle stories and testimonies inspire us about the blessings Baba continues to shower on all of us. To the world, Baba is a scholar, enlightened master and international thought-leader but to most of us, He is our spiritual shepherd, always on call 24/7.

This miracle story from Nalina, one of Baba’s students from Singapore, is a beautiful testament to how no prayer request is too big or small for Baba to grant! All you need is faith which Baba defines in modern day terms as “utter positivity”.


Hi, I am Nalina. I am a 35 years old housewife with 3 lovely children. I got to know Dr Pillai (Baba) through my cousin brother Mr.Shiva.  I met Baba for the 1st time at the Murugan Thirukundram Temple at Bt Timah Rd.  I learned little about Baba at that time and was not that involved in His teaching until the unforgettable day 4th November 2009 made me realize the power of Baba.

My first two pregnancies were smooth and normal delivery unlike my 3rd delivery. I was told that the baby’s heart beat had dropped and I couldn’t have a normal delivery. My baby’s life was in danger and he was brought to the ICU unit immediately after the delivery. Due to a lung infection, he could not breathe on his own and had to depend on oxygen.  When my cousin Shiva visited me, he told me that he brought Siva Baba’s vibuthi and asked me to pray to Baba sincerely and place it in his forehead.  At that point I  desperately wanted to save my baby’s life. With the proper guidance and faith I prayed to Baba and placed the vibuthi on my son’s forehead.

To my surprise, the next day my baby started to breathe on his own and they removed his oxygen and was under observation for few days and was discharged soon.  My baby taught me the importance of lives and Baba taught me that faith never fades.

I also like to share with you another recent incident that happened to me: Due to some financial difficulties I had to sell my flat and get my debts cleared. So I decided to sell my flat and purchase one at the same time. My sale was successful and the profit was more than expected. Fortunately my purchase was also a good offer but for some reason I did not want the “heavenly” made flat. I rejected the offer and went around looking further. There after none of the flats that I went to view was pleasing than the one I had seen first, I was running out of time and was pressured by my real estate agent and my husband to find a house quickly to avoid further delay. During such a stressful period, I was browsing the Internet and suddenly I found Baba’s YouTube video teachings on mantras and their meaning. I told Baba how badly and sorry I felt to have rejected the 1st offer and I wanted the offer back. My 2nd miracle happened again. The next day the flat which was bought by the 1st couple was rejected for some reason and was offered back to me. What more can I say but only tears drooped. Many more miracles have happened and are still happening. With Baba’s blessings and guidance anything and everything is possible. One can only feel  and realize Him only through 101% commitment…God is love so is Baba.

Baba, not only me but my children as they grow up will follow Your footsteps.

Before I finish off, I would like to share this slogan which I modified a little, “Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive. Therefore there is no cost; A lot of rewards.” So is Baba’s teaching. Be blessed.

***Love you Baba***


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  1. Nalu rajes brzee permalink
    October 7, 2015 6:59 pm

    Dr pillai please help me
    Heal my daughter subhashini
    Excema Steriod withdrawal syndrome
    She is really suffering alot
    Help me financially also

    I am thinking of you Every day
    I am doing the sun ☀ and moon mediation
    I am also writing om shreem brzee
    Every day
    I am also listening 👂 to your moola mantra
    Every day
    And I am also chanting your moola mantra

    Please help me
    You are my last resort

    You like to use the word now****
    So please help me

    My humble request
    From Nalu rajes brzee. Singapore

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