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Listen to Mohini’s “live” update on Dr Pillai (Baba’s) “Briyani for the Hungry Poor” Food Project

January 13, 2011

Dr Pillai (Baba) distributing food at Thiruvanamalai (October 2010)


Namaste everyone,

Mohini is now in Goa (India) setting up Dr Pillai (Baba)’s HoPE Town poverty alleviation project there.

I just spoke to her a short while ago and happen to catch her while she was in a car with a few others delivering food as part of Baba’s “Briyani for the Hungry” Food Project in Goa.  

As an update on my earlier post on Dr Pillai (Baba’s) “Briyani For the Hungry” Food Project, Mohini lets us know how the food distribution project is coming on, “live” from Goa!



In her phone call, Mohini shares with us her personal experience during the initial distribution of Briyani food packets on 3 January 2011 and how the 2nd follow up Briyani feeding programme went just a few hours ago.

Most touching was hearing how the poor children were overjoyed when they received a simple gift of a packet of potato chips each (costing no more than US$0.22 /  S$0.30 a packet!) It is hard to believe but these poor children have never received such luxurious foods, which we would take easily for granted and never think twice about.


You can listen to a recording of Mohini’s phone call HERE:


Visit Baba’s charity foundation, the Tripura Foundation, to look at the great work they are doing in transforming the lives of the poor and less fortunate around the world:

You can help out in Baba’s “Briyani for the Hungry” Food Project by donating towards the food HERE:

With love,






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