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Mohini’s FREE Manifesting 101 Seminar (9 April 2011, Singapore) – Morning Session Seats All Snapped Up! Extra Afternoon Session Added (2 pm to 5 pm)

March 28, 2011
Namaste everyone,


In the 2nd of her three-part FREE seminar series, Mohini will teach you powerful techniques and sacred sounds as revealed by Dr Pillai (Baba) to revolutionise your consciousness from within and empower you with not one, but several keys to attracting money, health and relationship into your life!


During Mohini’s seminar:

You will EXPERIENCE profound states of meditation through YOGIC SLEEP, a deep meditation technique Dr Pillai (Baba) developed after a period of research over 10 years. 



(1) The AH Manifesting Meditation

According to Dr Pillai, this sacred sound was taught to Him directly by the divine archetype NANDHI so that humans could manifest their desires. Dr Pillai gave the AH Meditation to Dr Wayne Dyer who subsequently  taught this meditation to millions of people worldwide. 

Since revealing the manifesting mantra to Wayne Dyer, Dr Pillai has greatly refined the practice of the AH Manifesting meditation to further empower it.


(2) ARA KARA Manifestation Mantra

Dr Pillai recently revealed that ARA KARA is the advanced and powerful form of the AH Manifesting meditation.

Ara Kara is known as the impossibility-buster mantra because this powerful sound can enable you to manifest the impossible.

Mohini will teach you the proper technique to chant ARA KARA and to practice it in a deep meditation so that you will totally vibrate with the energy of ARA KARA and effortlessly manifest.


(3) Manifesting with OM NAMASIVAYA

Learn the technique Dr Pillai taught how to manifest your desires using one of the most sacred quantum sounds: OM NAMASIVAYA


(4) CAUSAL PLANE Meditation 

Take a journey to the Causal Plane, a most beautiful realm that exists deep within your own consciousness. Here,  you will learn how to plant your manifestation and cause it to manifest in three-dimensional reality in the earth plane.


(5) SHREEM BRZEE Prosperity Mantra  

Learn the most powerful techniques to chant and meditate with SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate sounds for wealth & prosperity.



The best thing about Mohini’s seminar is that she will:

  • GUIDE you through these powerful quantum sounds (mantras) step-by-step which you can perform in a matter of minutes as part of your daily program for success
  • PROVIDE you with lots of hands-on opportunities to practice these mantras and rituals during the seminar itself so that you will be able to correct perform them on your own


Here is Mohini sharing about what she’ll be teaching:




What’s the Catch?

Your part of the deal is to put Dr Pillai’s simple but powerful techniques into practice in your own life and once you experience your own transformation and miracle, you PAY IT FORWARD by sharing Dr Pillai’s teachings with others around you i.e. your loved ones (friends & families)!

You are also welcome to bring your friends and family to Mohini’s seminars (subject to ticket availability) so they too can learn Dr Pillai (Baba)’s life transforming techniques!


What should you bring to the seminar?

  • pen & paper to take notes
  • yoga mat or something for you to lie on the floor (eg a towel, old bedsheet, comfortable mat)
  • 2011 Astroved Calendar if you have one – Mohini will continue to teach you how to unlock Divine Time Management secrets with your calendar
  • rudraksha mala or rudraksha crystal mala if you have them – Mohini will teach you how to harness them as powerful manifesting tools


How Do I Register?

Mohini’s seminars are FREE and you can bring as many people as you like.

In fact,  we do encourage you to bring along your friends and family members so they can experience a profound transformation in their lives too.

However, there are limited seats and ADMISSION IS STRICTLY BY TICKET ONLY which you can obtain by registering  at this page.


Date: 9 April 2011

Venue: Traders Hotel, 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore

Event website:



All 110 seats for Mohini’s Manifesting 101 Seminar (morning session) were snapped up within a day when the event was launched last week. Thank you for your great response!

As many of you who didn’t manage to get tickets have requested for an additional session, I’ve opened an extra afternoon session (2 pm to 5 pm) for Mohini’s Manifesting 101 Seminar.

If you are in Singapore, you can register HERE:

Please do not register if you have already registered for the morning session.

For all of Baba’s students outside Singapore who can’t make it, I’ll post video highlights after each seminar.

Look out very soon for the first video highlights from Mohini’s UNVEIL YOUR DIVINITY seminar last Saturday (26 March 2011).

With love




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