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Mohini Shares about the upcoming 2-in-1 Karma-Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspot Trip to India (17 to 19 June 2011)

April 4, 2011

The majestic Mount Arunachala at Thiruvanamalai


Namaste everyone,

We were inspired to help people get rid of their most stubborn karma and at the same time, experience miracles in their lives and thus, we decided to organise a 2-in-1 karma-busting & miracle manifestation  powerspot trip to India so that everyone could do just that. 


The two key powerspots we will be visiting are the Makaral Temple (from where the Makaral Shivaya Namaha mantra originates) and Mount Arunachala (in Thiruvanamalai). Both powerspots have the unparalleled ability to dissolve your negative karma.


This 2-in-1 India trip is also intended to be a miracle manifestation trip because you will be visiting the vortex that can help you manifest miracles in your life i.e. Mount Arunachala (which is also known as the Miracle Mountain). We will be chanting Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Miracle Mantra as we walk around Mount Arunachala. (One of the mantras from Baba’s Miracle Mantra invokes the power of Mount Arunachala!)


Mount Arunachala is also a perfect place to practice the Grace Light Meditation (meditation  to channel Arul, the Light of the Divine).


Watch Mohini talking about this upcoming powerspot trip during her UNVEIL YOUR DIVINITY Seminar on 26 March 2011. 



As Mohini mentioned, we specifically scheduled the India trip to take place over a weekend (17 to 19 June 2011) so that you do not have to take leave from work in order to attend the trip. Logistically, you fly into India on Friday night (17 June 2011) and fly out on Sunday night (19 June 2011).


We have also deliberately sought to keep the trip fee low so that as many of you as possible can participate in this trip that will dramatically transform your lives. **



Although this 2-in-1 India trip is short, it has been packed with powerful rituals and remedies to help each one of you:

(1) remove your most stubborn karma; and

(2) accelerate the manifestation of the miracle(s) you most desire in your life.


Here is an overview of the rituals and remedies that you will perform:

(1) Visit to Mount Arunachala.  There will be 2 scheduled walks around Mount Arunachala. We will be walking along a lesser known inner path around Mount Arunachala, away from the rest of the pilgrims. Each walk takes about 2.5 hours.


Morning Walk Around Inner Path of Mount Arunachala


Early morning walk around Mount Arunachala


(2) Visit the Makaral Temple for a special pooja and walk around the inner temple. Dr Pillai (Baba) recommends that you should walk around the Makaral Temple 108 times to dissolve the most stubborn karmas and bring about dramatic changes in your life.


Inner section of Makaral Temple where you walk around



The Siva Linga at the Makaral Temple in the shape of an inverted lizard's tail


(3) Take part in feeding of the poor and the destitute to dissolve your karmic sins and gain the grace of the Divine. As Dr Pillai (Baba) has said, feeding someone hungry will bring innumerable blessings to you.

(4) Chopping of 108 limes per day to bust your negative karma

(5)  Smashing of coconuts to get rid of the obstacles in your life

(6) Practising the Grace Light Meditation throughout the India trip.




Trip Details / Costs:

Trip date: 17 to 19 June 2011

Trip costs: SGD$650* per person


 *The trip cost of SGD$650:

includes (while you are on the trip):

(i) your food and meals; 

(ii) your accommodation;

(iii) bottled mineral water;

(iv) your transport;

(v) all tipping of the hotel staff/waiters/drivers;

(vi) your pick up from the airport when you arrive in India and drop-off at the airport when you are departing India. (This is applicable as long as you arrive and depart during the scheduled time).



(i) the cost of your return flight / air ticket to Chennai, India

(ii) any trip extensions or changes to your itinerary

(iii) your personal room service / mini-bar consumption / individual beverages ordered during meals

(iv) your travel insurance for the trip


**Baba’s India ashram needs a minimum of 20 participants to maintain the trip price at SGD$650 per person. Please do not book your air ticket just yet until we confirm we have the minimum number of participants who want to go on the trip 


To get a feel of the key places we will be visiting, you can watch the highlights from our Grace Light Powerspot Trip 2010.

The video features two of the powerspots we will be visiting:

(1) Mount Arunachala: You can watch our Grace Light Powerspot Trip (2010) attendees walking along the sacred private inner path and performing a special pooja to Mount Arunachala, who is said to be the Divine Being Shiva in His form as Fire.

(2) Makaral Temple: Get a glimpse of the very special and unique Shiva linga at the Makaral Temple which is in the shape of an inverted lizard’s tail!





I hope you are just as excited about this trip as I am.

Look out for the detailed itinerary shortly as well as information how you can sign up for this trip.

With love,





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