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The Significance of the Vedic (Tamil) New Year Today (14 April 2011) / Mohini Guides You on a Special Sun & Moon Meditation To Usher in the Golden Age

April 14, 2011

Namaste everyone,

The Vedic (Tamil) New Year this year, which happens to be TODAY (14 April 2011), is a particularly special one because it will cross into The Golden Age in 2012 which according to Dr Pillai, is the beginning of a period of great spiritual evolution and change for humanity.


Watch Mohini share about the significance of this year’s Vedic (Tamil) New Year and how you can participate in the day’s blessings:



CLICK To Watch



To help you take maximum advantage of the powerful energies available for today and for the next 1 month, Mohini will guide you on a variation of the Sun & Moon meditation.  This is a powerful meditation taught by Baba that can greatly accelerate your personal spiritual evolution. 






To learn more about the Sun & Moon meditation, you can take a look at an earlier post: Baba Initiates You Into the Sun & Moon Meditation

Happy Vedic New Year to everyone!

With love




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  1. Amrita permalink
    April 16, 2011 12:04 am

    Hi Mohini and Vijay,

    I love this post,and I send you my heart felt gratitude for all these teachings.May you both have a very AUSPICIOUS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR for the GOLDEN AGE to come.

    I will be doing this meditation.I know my lifes destiny has already changed.Baba is doing all this.

    Love and gratitude


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