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A New SHREEM BRZEE Group Chanting Record!

June 4, 2011

SHREEM BRZEE Group Chanting Session (28 May 2011)

Namaste everyone,

We have a new SHREEM BRZEE group chanting session record – 20,000 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions during our SHREEM BRZEE session last Saturday (28 May 2011)!

Thank you to everyone of you who made this possible.

Monica Santos

44 people from Singapore and Malaysia come together in Singapore to chant the ultimate prosperity mantra SHREEM BRZEE to empower ourselves with the energies of wealth and abundance! We were also happy to welcome back the lovely Monica Santos from Spain who joined us again.


We first started out meditating with the mantra Baba gave (DESA BHANDAS CITTASYA DHARANA) to tie our mind to one spot in order for us to discipline our monkey-mind and acquire the power to focus with laser-like precision on our personal manifestations.

We then began chanting SHREEM BRZEE while offering sacred items such flower petals and turmeric rice to Goddess Lakshmi to further empower SHREEM BRZEE within ourselves.

A Record is Broken!

At the start of our SHREEM BRZEE session, we set ourselves a base goal to complete 10,000 SHREEM BRZEE chant repetitions by the end of the day.

However, everyone was determined to beat the record that had been set at our previous SHREEM BRZEE session on 30 April 2011 and with the group energy and motivation so high, we powered through our previous record of 14,000 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions effortlessly and went on to achieve a new record, 20,000 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions!

It was a great accomplishment as all of us shared in the collective blessings of 880,000 SHREEM BRZEEs (44 people x 20,000 SHREEM BRZEE chants)!

As Baba has said, in order to realise the full power of a mantra, you should chant it at least 1 million times, so after last Saturday, everyone present came one step closer to completing their own 1 million SHREEM BRZEE chants and revolutionising their financial and wealth consciousness! And once you have prosperity and abundance consciousness as your inner reality, you will see prosperity and abundance manifest in your external reality.

Our Next SHREEM BRZEE Session

As we have a number of events lined up in June & July 2011 (Mohini’s FREE seminars on Baba’s new “effortless creation” teachings, our 2-in-1 Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Trip To India (17 to 19 June 2011)) and Baba’s Guru Purnima Exclusive Seminar in Singapore (9 & 10 July 2011) , our next SHREEM BRZEE group chanting session will likely be sometime in late July /early August 2011.

In the meanwhile, keep chanting SHREEM BRZEE for your own abundance and prosperity!

With love,


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  1. Lena permalink
    July 6, 2011 7:13 am

    I was doing great with my mantra meditaitons and saw wonderful results, As soon as I was blessed with a new place to live, my mother, brother and other family members won’t let me rest, now it is becoming frustrating for me to deal with them, they put soooo much pressure on me alot of it is jealousy, how do I handle this by it being family and get back on track with my meditations, my mother calls everytime I start meditation for me to do something, I have to leave my house, when
    my brother is right there in her house with her. What do I do?

    • ivelisse permalink
      July 20, 2011 1:32 am

      I dont know if its proper but that way I do it is when i am in my bathtub. I have the same problem with my children, they don’t leave me 10 minutes by myself except when I am taking a bath.Good luck to you..Be happy you have a family to bother you.. : )

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