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[UPDATED] Launch of The “Boost Your Wealth!” Powerspot Trip To India (9 to 11 September 2011)

July 17, 2011

Babaji at the Murugan Shrine in KL (May 2011). Muruga (seen in the background) is the divine archetype that helps you to remove debt, disease and negativity


I’ve made many trips to India on business as well as holiday and I must say that this is awesome for me because [the 2-in-1 Karma-Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspot Trip] really gave me happiness and peace of mind…and I must tell you that my business has doubled [since returning] things have been easier at [my] work place with rapport with [my] team mates.  

– Das


Namaste everyone,

Following from the success of our 2-in-1 Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Trip to India last month, I’m happy to share with you news of our upcoming powerspot trip to India, i.e the “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip from 9 to 11 September 2011.


The “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip To India 2011 has been specially designed to help you accomplish two key goals within the shortest amount of time (i.e. within two days):


(1)     The Trip will help you dissolve your most stubborn and negative financial karmas

THIRUCHENDUR - One of the 6 Powerspots for Muruga

You will visit Thirucendur, one of the six (6) powerspots in India for Muruga, the archetype who removes debt, disease and negativity.

Dr Pillai (Babaji) has declared that the seas of Thirucendur have miraculous powers to wash away bad financial karma and severe debt issues.  

Here, you have the choice to take a dip, a bath or fully immerse yourself in the seas of Thirucendur and say goodbye to your bad financial karma!


You will then proceed to the famous Thirucendur Murugan temple by the sea to perform rituals and poojas to Muruga to further alleviate your bad financial karma.


Sometime in late 2009, I visited this magical place with Mohini and BD (who was kind to share her experience of Thiruchendur below):

The Magic of Thiruchendur- A First Hand Testimony

My Nadi remedy described how I must bathe in the sea at Thirunchendur ito remove some bad financial karma before entering the temple there and asking Lord Muruga to forgive my sins of previous births.

I dipped in the waters once and immediately received so much energy that I kept running back in again and again.  Then it was into some dry clothes and on to the temple.

I thought the energy of the temple would be serious and stern but it was very  clamorous. I was taken immediately given access to the inner sanctum and before I knew it, I was whisked in front of the Lord.

It was hard to keep an eye on the priest  to whom I handed my offering to Muruga ,as numerous priests bustled in and out of the inner sanctum doing poojas and chanting mantras . My priest’s turn came and he gave the offerings on my behalf and showed light to a beaming Lord Muruga. For me, the most surprising thing was how happy this Lord seemed.

On the way home that I noticed an incredible shift in my consciousness. I was flooded with one new entrepreneurial idea after another. And not just the ideas, but exactly who could work on them and how these projects could be created to best bring them to fruition.

These ideas came so quickly and so clearly that I just scribbled on my pad paper as fast as I could so as to not lose this divine transmission. A vortex of energy had opened to message a stream of very creative projects that will help humanity and be financially rewarding.

I had not experienced such a breadth of information so clearly transmitted ever before.

– B.D (SF, California,USA)


Thiruchendur Temple Complex


 (2)    The “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip will boost your storehouse of good financial karma when you visit NavaTirupati (9 Temples of Vishnu), one of the greatest powerspots for wealth and abundance


Vishnu is the divine archetype who bestows material wealth and abundant riches.


VISHNU - the archetype who gives wealth and material abundance


We will be visiting all nine (9) fabled Vishnu temples in Navatirupati so that you can infuse your soul with Vishnu’s energy of wealth and material abundance.

During Dr Pillai (Babaji’s) exclusive Guru Purnima seminar in Singapore last week, Babaji revealed the significance of Navatirupati, which was especially meaningful for all of us who study with Babaji.

Babaji explained  how He had visited Navatirupati last November 2010 and while there, the divine archetype KRISHNA came to Babaji and entered His body.

Babaji fully absorbed Krishna’s divine energy and since then, Babaji has been teaching about Radha & Krishna and the secrets of effortless creation and material abundance.


Navatirupati - 9 Vishnu Temples


 Here is Mohini speaking more about the “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip




A Powerspot Trip To India Is A Life-Transforming Experience!

One of the attendees on our 2-in-1 Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Trip to India last month, Joseph, was kind to share a testimonial of his spiritual and financial miracle after attending the trip:





Why Is the “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip Powerpacked?

(1) You do not have to take leave of absence from work

The “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip has been meticulously planned so that you do not have to take leave from work in order to attend the trip.

Logistically, you fly into India on Friday night (9 September 2011) and fly out on Sunday night (11 September 2011) in order to return to Singapore by the morning of 12 September 2011.

(2) The
“Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip is low cost

Once again, just like our 2-in-1 Karma-Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspot Trip, we have worked hard to price the “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip as close-to-cost as possible so that it would be affordable for all.

Thank you for the fantastic opportunity to participate in the recent Karma Busting Trip. The schedule of activities for the entire trip was well planned and co-ordinated and I reaped so much benefits from all the events including the cutting of 108 limes…Yes, I do look forward to my next India trip with you guys. Although hectic, I found every second of my time meaningfully spent and all those sacred places we visited were awesome. Never before have I felt so much peace and harmony within myself. Thank you again 

– Lavita




Trip costs: SGD$950* per person


INCLUDES (while you are on the Trip)

  • your food and meals;
  • all domestic flights in India
  • your accommodations (twin-sharing);
  • bottled water;
  • your coach transport
  • all tipping of the hotel staff/waiters/drivers;
  • all temple rituals for the group including abishekams, poojas and archanas
  • your pick up from the airport when you arrive in India and drop-off at the airport when you are departing from India. (NOTE: Only applicable as long as you arrive and depart during the given scheduled time)



  • the cost of your international return air ticket to India
  • your visa fees to enter India
  • any trip extensions or changes to your itinerary
  • your personal room service charges / mini-bar consumption / individual beverages ordered during meals
  • your travel insurance for the trip
  • your pickup and drop off at Chennai airport if you arrive and are departing outside the scheduled group arrival and departure times



To ensure that we can accomplish as much as possible on this trip within the shortest possible time, we need to take a domestic flight early on Saturday morning from Chennai to Tuticorin to cut travel time.

However, there is only 1 flight a day between Chennai to Tuticorin.

As such, if you wish to join the trip, you should register as soon as possible as we need to secure your domestic flight as soon as possible.


**This trip will be led by Mohini, one of Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s primary disciples. Babaji will not be attending this Trip.


For more information about when you should arrive and depart from India and several important terms and conditions you need to read, you can download the trip flyer CLICK HERE: Boost Your Financial Prosperity India Trip 2011 (NEW)


For queries and registration, please email or contact me at +65 97309604 

With love,


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