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“Manifesting Material Abundance & Wealth With VISHNU!” – Mohini’s FREE Seminar (13 August 2011, 9am to 12:30pm (Booked Out), 1:30pm to 5pm (JUST ADDED), Singapore)

August 6, 2011

Vishnu exists in us as the Supersoul

Namaste everyone,

Mohini’s 2nd seminar to prepare those of you attending our upcoming “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Powerspot Trip to India 2011 will be held next week, 13 August 2011.

However, for the benefit of everyone in our community, we are happy to welcome all of you to join us for Mohini’s VISHNU seminar so that you can learn about the divine archetype VISHNU and obtain His blessings for material creation and abundance.


Mohini’s VISHNU seminar will be jam-packed with practical tips and powerful meditation techniques to get you connected with VISHNU and receive His blessings for wealth and material abundance.


What You Will Learn

(1) Learn about VISHNU, the aspect of the Divine who is the ultimate archetype for: 

  • material abundance
  • wealth
  • happiness
  • health
  • enlightenment


(2) Discover VISHNU’s divine qualities and how you can receive the special gifts and blessings bestowed by VISHNU.

(3) Learn about VISHNU’s Ashta Akshara quantum sound (mantra) that will enable you to access VISHNU’s material and spiritual blessings.

(4) Receive initiation into VISHNU’s Ashta Akshara mantra through a guided meditation that will implant VISHNU’s Ashta Akshara mantra deep within your body, mind and soul.

(5) Experience how to emotionally connect with VISHNU through a guided meditation led by Mohini.

(6) Understand the meaning and full power of HARI BOLthe quantum sound (mantra) to stop pain and suffering and to enable you to transcend to a state of perfection

(7) Be introduced to VISHNU’s 9 powerspots at NAVATIRUPATI (9 Temples of VISHNU).

(8) Learn why we are visiting NAVATIRUPATI and what are the blessings VISHNU will grant you at each of the 9 temples of Navatirupati including: 

  • attaining abundant wealth and eternal bliss. At one of the 9 temples known as Thirukkolur, you can also pray for VISHNU’s blessings to recover wealth that had been previously lost
  • attaining ultimate liberation
  • empowering you with a mastery over maya, the sensory world of pleasure
  • experiencing relief of any kind of curse and ill-will by others
  • gaining the blessings and protection from the Divine


(9) As a finale, Mohini will lead everyone on a guided meditation to enable you to access VISHNU’s divine energies and qualities are available at the 9 powerspots of NAVATIRUPATI (9 Temples of VISHNU).


Navatirupati - 9 Vishnu Temples


What do you need to bring for Mohini’s seminar?

Please bring a yoga mat or something for you to lie on the hotel floor (eg a towel, comfortable mat).

How Do I Register?

Mohini’s seminar is FREE and and we do encourage you to bring along your friends and family members so they can experience a profound transformation in their lives too.

However, there are limited seats and ADMISSION IS STRICTLY BY TICKET ONLY which you can obtain by registering at this page.


Registration and Venue Details

Date: 13 August 2011

Time: 1:30 pm to 5 pm

Venue: Temasek Room, Traders Hotel, 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore

Admission is FREE but strictly by ticket only.

You can book your ticket(s) HERE:

With love


Dr Pillai (Babaji) at His Guru Purnima Seminar in Singapore (July 2011)

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