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June’s KARUPPASWAMY Miracle Story – Highlights from Mohini’s “Bust Your Negative Financial Karma With MURUGA!” Seminar

August 7, 2011


June's Karuppaswamy Miracle Story


Namaste everyone,

The archetype for justice, KARUPPASWAMY

In this segment from Mohini’s “Bust Your Financial Karma With MURUGA!”, one of our lovely community members, June, shared how she had practised the guided meditation Mohini taught a few weeks ago in order to connect with the divine archetype KARUPPASWAMY.

In the video below, June shares how she established her a personal connection with KARUPPASWAMY.




Here is the guided meditation June practised which enabled her to establish her personal divine connection with KARUPPASWAMY.

Click HERE: Karuppaswamy Guided Meditation




Upcoming Seminar To Introduce You To VISHNU (13 August 2011)

Glorious Vishnu

Mohini’s 2nd Free seminar on 13 August 2011 will introduce you to the divine archetype VISHNU who gives wealth and material abundance.

Esoterically, VISHNU is the Super Soul that lives in each of us.

To register, you can visit the webpage specially created for this event:

With love,


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  1. Rashida Aden permalink
    August 8, 2011 1:13 am

    Wow, thats incredible, to happen so quickly, thanks for sharing.

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