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Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s TV Interview On The Power of Your Mind To Transform Your Destiny

August 21, 2011

Namaste everyone,

Dr Pillai (Babaji) gave a TV interview in June 2011 in which He shared about the power and potential of our own mind and divine consciousness to transform our own destiny.

During the interview, Babaji demonstrated how modern science was finally catching up and validating what the ancient yogic masters (the spiritual scientists of their time) knew all along i.e.  once you master your own mind, you can manifest your own reality and enjoy the life that you truly desire.

Babaji also spoke about the coming of the  Golden Age and what would really happen in 2012.

With love,


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  1. Rashida Aden permalink
    August 21, 2011 11:11 pm

    I think Jennifer asks good questions and Baba answers them very well. Like Baba says everything is mind over matter. If a person doesn’t mind, it really doesn’t matter. ha ha. The question of limited free-will is what worries me, we are all limited within the confines of our destinies. For example, I don’t want to go back to my room tonight because of noisy stupid neighbours etc, I could book into a hotel and waste money, or I could sleep on a bench, not a good option being a woman, so I go back to my room. Not much choice really, its the same for most people, unless you win the lottery or divine intervention. SHREEM BRZEE, SHREEM BRZEE, please God, let me win the lottery. Thanks for the posting, Vijay.

  2. Ron permalink
    August 22, 2011 8:52 am

    A number of thoughts came to me while listening to this interview. They are just fragments for now, they might become more coherent later. Also understand that I am not critical of Vedic teachings or of Dr Pillai.

    1. India has been home to the Vedas for thousands of years yet there was an obvious failure disseminating the teachings. This is apparent to me looking at the history of India and its road to progress. I would argue that many cultural issues held India back and I think its interaction with the West is helping it move forward now.

    2. Speaking of The West, I would argue much of its advancement was done without benefit of Vedic thought. The Germans seem to have looked into the teachings of India more than any other European nation and they did have many advances in the sciences.

    3. The US was able to benefit from German scientists after WWII, especially with regard to missile technology and nuclear weaponry. It was a German scientist (Oppenheimer?) who quoted from the Bhagavad Gita upon exploding a nuclear warhead he helped design. It would be interesting to see if there was any Vedic influence in the development of Relativity theory and Quantum theory.

    4. There was Vedic influence in the US during the 1800s resulting in the Transcendental and New Thought movements. I’m not sure how much influence this had upon our progress as a nation.

    5. I think it would be interesting to have soundly run scientific studies on the outcomes of implementing Pillai’s Vedic teachings. This is better done by independent scientific groups who are skeptical of Pillai’s teachings.

    6. The 90 day money back guarantee is an interesting idea. That is definitely putting the teachings to the acid test. If you get reliable and objective results; it validates the teachings. If you don’t…

    Like I said, just some disjointed thoughts.


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