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The ULTIMATE Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspot Trip (18 to 20 November 2011)

September 18, 2011

Sculpture of Vishnu & Lakshmi

Namaste everyone,

For our final powerspot trip of 2011, we have pulled out all the stops to bring you our most powerful trip yet – which we have aptly titled as our ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP.

Not only will the ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP  help you to dissolve your most stubborn karma and inner negativities, you will be visiting powerspots that can accelerate and empower the manifestations of your own goals and desires.

The most unbeatable feature of the ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP  is that you will have access to powerspots and sacred shrines which you would normally not be able to enter if you were visiting such vortexes on your own.


The guiding philosophy for all our powerspot trips has been to give you the maximum blessings and empowerments within the shortest possible time (2 days) so you don’t have to take leave from work.

The ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP accomplishes all of the above and much much more!

Here are the highlights of all the powerspots you will be visiting:

The ancient corridors of the Rameswaram Temple


Rameshwaram is a small island located in the southern-most tip of India and is the birthplace of Dr Pillai (Babaji).

Every year, thousands of pilgrims come to Rameswaram from all over the world to wash away their unwanted negative karmas by bathing in the sea of Rameswaram followed by a bath at the temple wells of the main temple at Rameswaram which is several thousands of years old.

Lord Rama doing penance at Rameswaram

In mythical times, Lord Rama (one of the great avatars of VISHNU) ordained Rameswaram as the perfect geographical space to remove the most sinful karma.

In Lord Rama’s own case, he had to get rid of his karma for having killed the demon Ravana in battle.

Although Ravana was an evil being and had to be killed, in accordance with the karmic rules of the universe, killing someone has its own consequences and Rama needed to atone for his actions.

Enlightened Siddha Master Dr Pillai (Babaji)

Rama established a shrine for Lord Shiva in the Rameswaram temple and ordained that whosoever had done terrible karma could come to this shrine and wash their sins in the Rameswaram temple.

More closer to our heart, Dr Pillai (Babaji) has on several occasions described why He reincarnated in Rameswaram.

According to Babaji, He needed to breathe and later master the spiritual energy that dissolves terrible karma of people to enable Him to help His students and devotees to diffuse their karma.
In fact, Babaji said that He did not step foot off the island of Rameswaram for the first 18 years of life so that He could totally soak in the karma-busting powers of Rameswaram very deeply.

The Potent Karma Busting (Including Tarpanam) Rituals We Will Be Performing At Rameswaram

To give you maximum karma-busting benefit, we have arranged a three-prong karma busting ritual at Rameswaram to help you attack and blast away your most serious and stubborn karmas (sins).

Perform Tarpanam ritual to help your ancestors cross into the Light

Step 1

We have hired a Vedic priest to lead us on an extensive tarpanam (ancestor offering) ritual by the beach of Rameswaram so that all of us can get rid of any negative and unwanted ancestor karma that may be impacting in our lives now.

Step 2

After the tarpanam ritual, all of us will take a dip/bath in the sea of Rameswaram to wash away our most serious and stubborn karmas.

Step 3

We will then head to the ancient Rameswaram temple and bathe at the famous 22 wells of Rameswaram in order to dissolve 22 of your most stubborn karmas impacting on your money, health, career success and relationships.


Foreigners are not allowed access to all 22 of the Rameswaram temple wells.

However, because of Babaji’s connection with the Rameswaram temple, all of us will get special access to ALL 22 wells and all of us will be able to receive the sin-dissolving blessings from all 22 wells!

Here is a YouTube video to give you a visual idea of what you will be doing at Rameswaram and of the ancient majesty of the Rameswaram temple:



Statue of Patanjali

Patanjali was an enlightened Siddha master who lived thousands of years ago.

A siddha is a perfected being who has mastered his material and spiritual environment, and who through his own spiritual practices, has acquired siddhi (supernormal) powers as telepathy, telekinesis, bi-location (to be in two places at once) and thought manifestation.

To the world, Patanjali is most well known as the Father of Yoga.

However, to those on the spiritual path seeking to understand and master our spiritual and material environment, Patanjali is the author of The Yoga Sutras, a how-to manual that gives you a step-by-step guide to mastering your own mind and attaining such siddhi (supernormal) powers.

Siddha masters of the highest order such as Patanjali do not die – they enter into an eternal state of meditation known as maha samadhi, ever ready to help students who call on them.

Patanjali's Samadhi Shrine

Patanjali’s maha samadhi shrine, where He exists eternally in His light body form, is located in the ancient Rameswaram temple. Babaji tells the story how when He was a young boy, He used to go to the Rameswaram temple everyday and sit at the spot where Patanjali’s samadhi shrine is located and meditate, without knowing why He was attracted to same place. When Babaji grew up, He learnt that it was Patanjali’s samadhi shrine.

If you wish to accelerate your personal spiritual and material evolution, master your own consciousness  and work on developing your own siddhi (supernormal) abilities, Patanjali’s samadhi shrine is the best place to come to in order to seek blessings from Patanjali so that you may attain such divine gifts.

To get your darshan (sacred seeing of the divine) of the ghee lamp that always burns at Patanjali’s samadhi shrine, you can watch the segment towards the end of the video above.


Statue of Karuppaswamy

In 2011, Babaji introduced us to a powerful divine archetype known as KARUPPASWAMY.

Karuppaswamy literally means “The Dark God” and he is usually portrayed with a huge sword and a white horse.

According to Babaji, Karuppaswamy has been around since time immemorial. Karuppaswamy can do impossible things and is known as the dispenser of justice. You would go to Karuppaswamy for justice if someone has wronged you.

Karuppaswamy also has the power to defeat evil (black magic/evil eye).

As Babaji has pointed out, Karuppaswamy is a doer and a performer”and is ever so willing to bless you. All you need to do is to approach Karuppaswamy and ASK him with sincerity.


Babaji has been working in a big way with Karuppaswamy in 2011 and in fact, many of Babaji’s devotees and students worldwide and in Singapore have reported experiencing powerful miracles after working with Karuppaswamy.



For our ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP, we will be visiting the most powerful Karuppaswamy vortex in India known as Azhaghar Temple near Madurai.

At the Azhaghar Temple, Karuppaswamy is so powerful that the doors to His temple are always kept closed (except for once a year when they are opened) and the temple priests perform pooja and offerings to Karuppaswamy directly at the temple door.

Watch the video of our visit to Azhaghar Temple and see if you can catch a quick glimpse of Karuppaswamy’s mighty sword (which is normally unseen by the general public because it is behind the temple doors).





Karuppaswamy's Sword

Normally, temple goers (especially when you visit the Azhaghar Temple on your own) are not allowed close proximity to the temple doors while the priest are performing the rituals nor have darshan (seeing of the divine) of Karuppaswamy’s powerful sword.

However, once again, because of Babaji’s ashram’s connection with the Azhaghar Temple, the priests have agreed to allow all attendees of the ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP to stand as close as possible to the temple doors (by the temple steps) leading to Karuppaswamy’s main sanctum while the priests perform a special ritual for all of us to:

(i)             remove unwanted negativity within us; and

(ii)            shower us with Karuppaswamy’s blessings.

At the very end of the ritual, the priests have agreed to open a portion of the temple door and allow us darshan of Karuppaswamy’s powerful sword.

You can’t ask for anything better than that!


Muruga with His VEL

The divine archetype Muruga and His mighty VEL (a powerful psychic weapon) can help you remove all forms of debt, disease and negativity as well as give you enlightenment.

When you make use of and meditate upon Muruga’s VEL, you will be able to accelerate the manifestation of your goals and material desires because the VEL is none other than the Supreme Goddess, Parvathi, who is in charge of material creation.

For our ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP, we will be taking you to one of the 6 powerspots in the world dedicated to Muruga, i.e.  Pazhamudircholai, a Murugan temple located 13 miles north of Madurai (India) atop a hill covered with dense forests.

The temple at Pazhamudircholai is acknowledged to contain the most powerful Murugan’s VEL in the world.

A glimpse at the temple's inner sanctum where the most powerful VEL is housed

We will be visiting this temple to seek and obtain Muruga’s blessings.

Here, at the Pazhamudircholai temple, the temple priests will perform poojas and offerings to Muruga on our behalf so that Muruga may empower and implant the power of the VEL within our very being.

Our goal for everyone on the ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP  is that you realise and live the power of the VEL.


[If you would like to learn more about Muruga, the power of His VEL, and the special mantra and meditations you can perform to get Muruga’s grace, you can watch Mohini’s recent seminar on Muruga by clicking HERE: Mohini’s BUST YOUR FINANCIAL KARMA WITH MURUGA Seminar


(1) Accomplish all of the above in 2 days without having to take leave from work!

The ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP  has been meticulously planned so that you do not have to take leave from work in order to attend the trip.

Logistically, you fly into India on Friday night (18 November 2011) and fly out on Sunday night (20 November 2011) in order to return to Singapore by the morning of 21 November 2011.


We continue to strive to price the ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP as close-to-cost as possible so that it would be affordable for all.

(3)           Discounts for our loyal powerspot trip attendees!

See below for the good news!

Coconut smashing ritual during our recent Karma Busting Powerspot Trip to India (June 2011)


Trip costs: SGD$830 per person

INCLUDES (while you are on the trip)

(i) your food and meals;

(ii) your accommodations (twin-sharing);

(iii) bottled water;

(iv) your coach transport

(v) all tipping of the hotel staff/waiters/drivers;

(vi) all temple rituals for the group including abishekams, poojas and archanas

(vii) your pick up from the Trichy airport when you arrive in India and drop-off at the Trichy airport when you are departing from India. (NOTE: Only applicable as long as you arrive and depart during the given scheduled time).


(i) the cost of your international return air ticket to India

(ii) the cost of your visa to enter India

(iii) any trip extensions or changes to your itinerary

(iv) your personal room service charges / mini-bar consumption / individual beverages ordered during meals

(v) your travel insurance for the trip

(vi) your pickup and drop off at the Trichy airport if you arrive and are departing outside the scheduled group arrival and departure times.

Walk Around Mount Arunachala on our Karma Busting Trip (June 2011)

Flight Information & How To Qualify For The Group Pickup/Dropoff

Arrival into Trichy, India:

18 November 2011 (Friday): You will need to fly INTO Trichy (also known as Thiruchirapalli) International Airport between 9 pm to 11 pm (India standard time).

Departure from Trichy, India:

20 November 2011 (Sunday): You will fly OUT OF Trichy (also known as Thiruchirapalli) International Airport for Singapore (or your respective home destination).

We are scheduled to arrive at Trichy airport by 9:00 pm so you can book your flight to depart from India anytime after 11 pm (India standard time) on 20 November 2011.


We have a tremendous amount of ground to cover for our ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION TRIP since we are travelling all the way down to Rameswaram (which lies at the southern most tip of India) before heading back to Madurai for darshan with Karuppaswamy & Muruga.

To ensure we can accomplish all of this efficiently within a short span of only two (2) days, we have planned it such that you fly into Trichy (instead of the Chennai) which puts us closer to our 1st stop, Rameswaram.

There are a number of airlines that fly to Trichy from Singapore but the most perfect flight itinerary we found is on Tiger Airways which gets us in and out of India at the right time.

(i)             Departure from Singapore (Friday): 18 November 2011 at 21:20 hours and arrive in Trichy India at 23:10 hours. (No need to take leave from work!)

(ii)            Depart from Trichy (early Monday morning): 21 November 2011 at 12:10 am and arrive in Singapore at 07:00 hours

How To Sign Up for the TRIP?

If you would like to join us, please register with us with a S$200 deposit LATEST by 30 September 2011.


Queries/Registration: Vijay (+65 97309604)

We would like to encourage those of you who have already decided to participate in the trip to register as soon as possible because once we have the required 20 confirmed attendees, I can give the go-ahead for all of you to book your air ticket ASAP at a cheaper price!

The balance payment of S$630 (or less, if discounts are applicable) will be due on or by 30 October 2011


Bus journey on our recent Karma Busting Trip (June 2011)

Discounts For Those of You Who have Attended Our Recent powerspot trips


We want to give back to those of you who made the great commitment to transform your personal destiny when you joined us for our Karma Busting Trip in June 2011 as well as those of you who joined us for the “Boost Your Wealth!” Prosperity Trip in September 2011.

For those of you who have been on both trips, you enjoy a S$100 discount off the trip fee! That means that your trip fee is only S$730.

For those of you who have been on either 1 trip, you enjoy a S$40 discount off the trip fee. That means that your trip fee is only S$790.


1)     We require a minimum of 20 participants to proceed with the trip at SGD$830.

2)     Registration period is from 1 September to 30 September 2011. To register and reserve your spot, you will need to pay a deposit of S$200 (cash/credit card via Paypal).

3)     Please DO NOT book your air ticket before 30 September 2011 until we confirm with you that we are proceeding with the trip. We will not be liable for your air ticket costs in the event we postpone/cancel the trip due to insufficient number of participants.

4)     We will let you know on or by 1 October 2011 whether we have the minimum number of participants for the trip.

(a)   If  we cancel the trip due to insufficient number of participants, we will return ALL deposits collected IN FULL.

(b)   In the event you change your mind and cancel your spot BEFORE  30 September 2011, we will refund your deposit in full (less any admin/service charges, for example, if you had paid by credit card or PayPal)

(c)    In the event we proceed with the trip and you decide to cancel your spot AFTER 30 September 2011 but before paying the full amount on or by 30 October 2011, you will forfeit your deposit in its entirety.

5)     Please make full payment for the trip on or by 30 October 2011. If you do not make full payment by then, we reserve the right to forfeit your deposit paid.

6)     If you decide to cancel your spot on the trip after making full payment i.e. cancel after 30 October 2011, we will refund you only 50% of your trip price paid as we would have paid in advance for a portion of your hotel and transport costs in India.

7)     If you decide to arrive earlier in Trichy or depart from Trichy outside the scheduled itinerary, and you want Babaji’s ashram to arrange a separate itinerary (flight booking or accommodations) for you, there will be a S$50 admin charge.

8)     You are strongly encouraged to buy travel insurance for yourself. We will not be liable for any loss whatsoever or illness you suffer while you are on the  trip.



You can download an e-flyer for the trip by clicking HERE:  The Ultimate Karma Busting Powerspot Trip (Nov 2011)

Please also note that Dr Pillai (Babaji) will not be joining us on this trip.

With love,


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