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Thanes’ 2 Miracle Sharings After Our Most Recent Powerspot Trip: Darshan of VISHNU & Power of Thiruchendur Water

October 26, 2011

Glorious Vishnu

Namaste everyone,

Here is a lovely sharing from Thanes, who has experienced many miracles practising Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s teachings.

In the video below, Thanes shares how since returning from our EXTREME SHREEM Trip (March 2010) & Navatirupati (9 Temples of VISHNU) (Sep 2011) powerspot trips, she has regularly been blessed with darshan of VISHNU in the form of a pair of eagles that appear where ever she goes!


VISHNU is the form of the Divine that gives material and money blessings and eagles are associated with VISHNU.


(I can personally attest to this miracle because during our last few powerspot trips in India with Thanes, we would always be able to look out the bus window and spot a pair of eagles following our bus, as we travelled hundreds of kilometers across India!)

Thanes had also brought back some sea water from THIRUCHENDUR (a Muruga powerspot) and gave it to a colleague, who could immediately feel the energy and power of the water from this powerspot


Thanes Sharing Her Story (Click on picture to access video)



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with love


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