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Mohini’s Initiation Meditation To Give You Level-1 Access To Patanjali’s Manifesting Technique

November 6, 2011

Statue of Siddha Master Patanjali

Namaste everyone,

Join Mohini as she leads you on an initiation meditation to access Patanjali’s blessings and energy so that you can begin to develop the power of thought manfestation.

As Dr Pillai (Babaji) had taught during His “How To Acquire Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers” exclusive seminars in Singapore, Patanjali, in His “Yoga Sutras”, laid out a 4-level meditation to perform in order to transcend your monkey-mind and be able to manifest your desires.

The mantra for Level 1 of Patanjali’s manifesting technique is: DESA BHANDAS CHITTASYA DHARANA.

The meaning of DESA BHANDAS CHITTASYA DHARANA is “to tie the mind to one spot.”

Being able to FOCUS is an important 1st-step to manifesting your goals.

Constant repetition of this powerful mantra will give you the ability to FOCUS,  with a laser-like intensity, on the specific thoughts you want to manifest, be it more money, better health, better relationships or developing a connection with the Divine.




If you would like to learn more about our upcoming powerspot trip in November 2011 (which includes a visit to Patanjali’s maha samadhi shrine), click HERE: ULTIMATE KARMA BUSTING & MIRACLE MANIFESTATION POWERSPOT TRIP (18 to 20 Nov 2011).


with love


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