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Launch of the 2 Powerspot Trips For the Golden Age: The DIVINE RELATIONSHIPS Trip & The 6 SECRETS OF MURUGA Trip (February 2012)

December 8, 2011

Inner Sanctum Pooja

Namaste everyone,

I would like to share with you two magical powerspot trips to India which we have planned for you for the coming Golden Age in February 2012.

Both powerspots trips are very special because each of them will, in their own way, help you transform your spiritual and material evolution for the Golden Age in 2012!

Introducing the two powerspots trips:

(1) The Divine Relationships Powerspot Trip (10 – 12 February 2012)

(2) The 6 SECRETS of Muruga Powerspot Trip (12 to 14 February 2012)

RADHA & KRISHNA - The personification of divine love


The inspiration for organising such a blessed trip came from Mohini’s beautiful testimonial as to how the Divine had played a big hand in bringing us together as a couple.


Here is Mohini in her own words:

I have always had a history of bad relationship karma!

About 3½ years ago, after a very traumatic break-up, I decided that only the Divine was going to choose my next partner, and not me. I prayed everyday in surrender to the Divine to bring a partner who would whole-heartedly serve in the Mission to bring in Heaven on Earth through the teachings of Dr. Pillai (Babaji), along with me.

In February 2008, I went to the Thiruvidanthai temple to do a ritual to obtain a partner for a truly Divine relationship. Dr. Pillai (Babaji) had shared with us that you should only go to this temple if you are really serious about wanting a relationship, as this temple is the most powerful and will manifest a relationship in 6 months…

To read Mohini’s story in full, click HERE: Divine Relationship & Muruga Powerspot Trips (2012)

Venus Temple in India for relationships

For some time, Mohini and I had talked about bringing people to Thiruvidanthai Temple to get a similar blessing for a divine relationship but nothing got off the ground.

However, recently, when we began looking to organising the trip in 2012, everything divinely fell into place and we decided to expand the scope of the trip to 3 types of Divine Relationships

The purpose of The Divine Relationships Powerspot Trip is to help anyone looking to attract either one of 3 different types of Divine Relationships:

(a) physical relationship/marriage with a spiritual partner;

(b) to strengthen a couple’s marriage, receive blessings of marital bliss, and have a divine spiritual relationship withyour spouse, or

(c) a divine relationship with a god or goddess.

To learn more about what each of these Divine Relationships entail and to know more about the various powerspots we will be visiting to receive blessings for either one of these 3 Divine Relationships, click HERE Divine Relationship & Muruga Powerspot Trips (2012)


MURUGA is the divine archetype who will be playing a key role in ushering in the Golden Age in 2012.

To learn more about MURUGA, click HERE: Divine Relationship & Muruga Powerspot Trips (2012)

During this incredible trip, we will be visiting six of the greatest MURUGA powerspots in South India!

This will be our most ambitious powerspot trip yet as we will be covering a distance of no less than 1,200 km in 3days to visit all 6 MURUGA powerspots!

To learn more about the special powers associated with each of the 6 MURUGA powerspots, click HERE: Divine Relationship & Muruga Powerspot Trips (2012)

Muruga's VEL

Why are we organising such a MURUGA powerspot trip?

Our objective is simple – we want to help you absorb MURUGA’s divine consciousness in order for you to progress to the next step beyond enlightenment i.e. the evolution of the human body into Light!

When you connect with Muruga and access His power, you will be able to acquire the following:

(1) dissolving debt, disease and negativity

(2) divine wisdom and intelligence

(3) power and courage

(4) the ability to manifest your desires

(5) attraction and charisma

(6) peace for the soul and clarity of thought

But MURUGA gives you MORE!

In recent times, Dr Pillai (Babaji) has been revealing more esoteric teachings associated with MURUGA, namely that MURUGA holds the key to acquiring a Light Body!



At the same time, when you work with MURUGA and connect with him, you will be opening your 3rd eye and awakening yourself to a new consciousness.

This is because MURUGA is the god of wisdom in charge of the 3rd eye.

To learn more, click HERE: Divine Relationship & Muruga Powerspot Trips (2012)

If you have any queries about the either of the trips, you can contact me (Vijay in Singapore) at +65 97309604

If you would like to reserve your space on either of the trip, you can pay a deposit of S$200 pay by 1 Jan 2012.

The Trip flyer attached has all the information about trip fees and trip logistics (i.e. what is included and excluded as part of each trip, when to make final payments, etc).

With love


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