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“Why I Failed As Swami Ramalinga” – Dr Pillai’s Exclusive LIGHT BODY Revelations & Insights (Part 1)

December 16, 2011
Divine Downloading in progress – Babaji in communication with the Divine before beginning His lecture on the LIGHT BODY

Namaste everyone,

In just two weeks, Dr Pillai (Babaji) will mark the pinnacle of His teachings by revealing the ultimate secrets from His lineage – the mystical Tamil Siddhas tradition –  on how to turn the human physical body into LIGHT. 

Babaji will give such teachings during His New Year exclusive seminar in Singapore on 31 Dec & 1 Jan 2012.

According to Babaji, in turning the body into LIGHT, we are not doing something new but essentially returning the physical human body to its original state; that of pure Divine Light.

As Babaji writes in His book, “Life-Changing Sounds: Tools From The Other Side”, the LIGHT BODY may be understood scientifically with reference to Einstein’s most famous equation e=mc2.

Babaji writes:

Disappearing with the body is realising E=mc2 in an experiential waySaint Jnanasambanda [who gave us the karma busting mantra Thiruneela Kantam], Appar, Sundarar, Manikavacakar, and a host of Tamil Siddhas all disappeared. None among the list of ascended masters was a scientist, but then they had access to a higher science in which energy and matter are experientially interchangeble.

In Einsteinian terms these masters converted their mass m (representing their body) to the speed of light (about 183,000 miles per second) which is represented by the c2 in the equation. All that we need to know is that our physical body is solidified light; and that it can be transformed back into light particles again at will.

I want the readers of this book to know that before time im memoriam (the masters from my tradition), the Tamil Siddhas had bridged the gap between physical laws and real life experience – the problem as Einstein saw it…I hope to share more about these Siddha secrets later.

Mahaavatar Babaji

Well, the time has come and in just two weeks, Babaji will be doing just that i.e. revealing the secrets of transforming the human body back into LIGHT.

To commemorate this most divine event, over the next two weeks, I would like to share with you exclusive video excerpts from two profound seminars Babaji taught during His recent Radha Krishna trip in India  (September 2011).

For  the first time on film, Babaji spoke in detail about the LIGHT BODY and His experiences in His various lifetimes as some of the greatest saints in India who transformed their body into LIGHT.

Evolution of the physical body back to LIGHT

In the video excerpt below, Babaji speaks about the many paths towards attaining a LIGHT BODY and why Babaji says He failed as Swami Ramalinga.

Swami Ramalinga, who ascended into LIGHT in 1874, is regarded as one of the greatest saints in India in recent times.

Swami Ramalinga who ascended into Light in 1874



Dr Pillai on His LIGHT BODY Exclusive Initiation Seminar

Watch Babaji below explains what is the LIGHT BODY and how you can attain a LIGHT BODY.

Babaji also shares about the very special SPARISHA DISKSHA (INITIATION BY TOUCH) He will be giving all attendees.

With SPARISHA DISKSHA (INITIATION BY TOUCH), Babaji will be sharing His shakti (Guru energy) with you in order to prepare you to receive the Grace and Wisdom to evolve towards a LIGHT BODY.





(1) How To Acquire The LIGHT BODY

(2) Advance Radha Krishna Teachings and Techniques For Material Bliss and Prosperity

Date: 31 Dec 2011 & 1 Jan 2012

Time: 9 am to 5 pm daily (Lunch is not provided)

Venue: Traders Hotel, 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore

Fee: SGD$1,500 for both days.

Early Bird Discount: S$100 off (if payment before 20 December 2011) i.e. SGD$1,400

Payment: Visit the Light Body Initiation website HERE: 

or click HERE:

RSVP / Registration:

With love,


+65 97309604

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  1. Patrick hogan permalink
    December 16, 2011 8:52 pm

    I want this light body more than anything in the world and I pray with every fibre of my being that I can find the grace ao lord Shiva and Baba to get this please I have no money but they told me he will have a free live seminar broadcast can you provide the link of how to get there and what time for a USA citizen mountain standard time to watch please let me be part of this I have been dreaming of this freedom all my life thank you namasta

  2. Patrick hogan permalink
    December 16, 2011 9:13 pm

    Freedom this is the best thing that can happen to us When I was on a mountain on time I had the distinct feeling of being accelerated light. It was total freedom no pain self luminance need no food no more hart ache from people. Perfected intelligence no more addiction no needs driving you mad no time no sickness. Your true perfected light body the way the designer and master sculptor saw it I plead for this all to hope for that is good lies in this teaching

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