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How Dr Pillai (Babaji) Totally Transformed My Life – Nick’s Personal Miracle Story

December 25, 2011

Namaste everyone,

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Christmas would not be Christmas without a divine miracle story and I would love to share with you a most beautiful story from one of our community members, Nick Thomas from Wales. 

Nick writes how Dr Pillai (Babaji) totally transformed His life in the most divine way, especially after Nick met Babaji and attended His Guru Purnima seminar and personal initiation in July 2011 (Singapore).

Here is Nick’s miracle story (in full and unedited) for everyone to rejoice in the grace of Babaji’s infinite blessings:

I thought I would share with you the profound, swift and tangible difference to my life since our incredibly powerful weekend we all spent with Babaji at Traders Hotel in July.

It shifted so much emotion in me that I am only able to put some thoughts on paper as since the end session on the Sunday I have literally been ‘high’ on bliss.

Until 2003 I lived my life on chance, flitting from job to job, relationship to relationship with no faith in either myself of the world at large, I put it all down to luck or chance and looking back I was neither happy or sad, just numb and coasting along and succeeding on my wits.

In February 2003 my health was taken away from me to the extent that I was was classed medically ‘dead’ three times in one week, I recovered to some detriment to my long term health and this set of a domino effect in my relationships, work and ultimately self esteem.

January 2003 I was MD of a regional, award winning marketing company with revenues of over $27m and 20% profits with a very exciting career plan. By July 2004 I was out of a job, on my own and in real financial trouble and felt totally alone and the only constant was fear and self doubt. My health drove me towards pain relief and I lost a year in the fog of medication and if I’m truly honest depression.

This continued through 2005-2011. I muddled through with some successful jobs, not so successful relationships and no progression in my world of fear and self doubt, in fact these were my only friends. I fell deeper and deeper in debt, sadness and isolated myself from friends and family, putting on a false optimistic face when needed but as the idiom says I was drowning not waving.

Everything I tried through logic and purely right brain activity and every job was lower down the hierarchy and lower down the salary scale and my health was at an all time low with some serious consequences; my life flowing in every decreasing circles.

I made a personal pledge that 2011 was going to be different but I did not have the tools or coping skills to effect this change even though I was putting huge efforts to turn my life around but this was done with no faith and certainly no faith in myself. The only true friends were my old buddies of fear and self doubt.

At the lowest ebb in March I have to thank my best friend, Heather (Anderson), who had never seen me in such turmoil. I completely hit rock bottom in the pool one glorious sunny day. I was frozen and could not stop weeping and heaving, something I hadn’t done in my memory—either through extreme pain, loss of loved ones and part of any sad event. I thought expressing my emotions was a sign of weakness and weeping a totally alien human action.

Heather suggested I come to a Singapore community session and listen to Babaji and meet Mohini as I felt I had nothing to lose I accepted. I came with an open mind but left with such electricity, I was plugged into the mains. I felt the shift, people noticed the shift, and small things started to happen in a positive way. I followed the practice of Patanjali every day and in every way. I joined Vijay in the 20,000 Shreem Brzee chanting session, I was offered the privilege of helping Mohini and her team on some branding ideas for Astroved and The Pillai Center.

I said goodbye to my Fear and Self Doubt and hello to my old, old friends of Feeling Important and Being Understood.

But nothing, simply nothing could’ve prepared me for the effects of the session we shared with Babaji in July. It totally immersed me in a new way of seeing, feeling, thinking. It felt like a snake shedding it’s skin. The Sunday with Babaji shook me to my roots and filled me with such a holistic feeling of bliss it was 10 times more powerful that any Pain Medication (and I have unfortunately experienced them all) but this did not dull my senses, it heightened them, I walked out through Tanglin Mall and noticed things in my surroundings, through all my senses that were always there but I chose to ignore.

I was blind, then I could see, I was deaf then I could hear, I was mute then I could talk.

Words, especially the English language is not equipped to explain the paradigm shift in me and my world.

The results?

Everybody and I mean every single person I have met since has asked my if I have had plastic surgery, one dinner party got so heated that one individual was assured there was some Oscar Wilde/Dorian Gray issue.

The Monday after the session with Babaji I was offered the job of Global VP of Marketing for a new hospitality company looking after $500m in assets, by far the biggest role to date and by far the most enjoyable role I have taken since art college in 1990. It is not a job or even a career it feels like a vocation and true to Babaji’s words I don’t stress about the logical answers to questions I have nor earthly right to be asked but the answers come to me, the shift is so significant from interview to starting work, an elapsed time of two months, I have already been promoted and work as the second in command to the Global CEO.

An investment I had written off which was a 6 figure investment returned not only the capital but a healthy margin.

My health is so robust that even my knees (total 18 operations) give me no pain and no swelling.

I am working on a social life but the immediate future is work related but only for the initial two months.

And I now know the fundamental beauty of the word joy. It is in me, around me and I share it where ever, when ever and through what ever I can.

All of this, completely all of this has been manifested within four weeks since our session at Traders hotel. My heartfelt gratitude (and this is far too weak a word) to Babaji who truly blessed me and to you Mohini, Vijay and Shakti for making the weekend possible.

Every day I become more alive, aligned and in tune. It is as if someone has flicked the switch on and through my faith I CAN and DO manifest what I truly desire as it comes unconditionally through the heart.

Thank you seems so in adequate but it will have to do for now, thank you, thank you, thank you—my sweet lord.

Please feel free to share this within the group who attended the weekend session and of course if you feel appropriate to the divine Babaji himself.

All my love and light, Nick

Thank you Nick for a lovely sharing!

You too can experience Babaji’s unlimited grace and blessings.

Join Babaji on His 2-in-1 LIGHT BODY INITIATION & ADVANCED RADHA KRISHNA SEMINAR on 31 December 2011 and  1 January 2012 in Singapore.

For more details and registration, visit

With love,


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  1. Pat permalink
    December 26, 2011 9:18 pm

    All I want for Xmas is the light body hare Krishna since I was little this was what I need I know it because it is total freedom and a permanent end to suffering. Please I must know he to get this every day I get down and pray for this please allow me to know how to do this. I am poor and have limited funds please grant me grace and free me

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