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A most important quality you need to have for the Golden Age: Closing Highlights From A Special LIGHT BODY Phonecall With Dr Pillai (Babaji) (Part 5)

February 17, 2012

Babaji Visiting Hanuman Country (India) During His 2012 Birthday Trip

Namaste everyone,

Here is the final part from Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s special phone call during which He shared divine insights into the LIGHT BODY and its significance in our personal, spiritual and material evolution in 2012 and beyond.

In this segment, Babaji outlines a fundamental quality you should have in order to be able to totally transform your personal, spiritual and material life in the Golden Age.




Babaji is coming back to Singapore to teach you “How To Unleash Your Ultimate Power!” with LIGHT BODY techniques from His lineage – the Tamil Siddhas



Babaji explains how knowledge of the LIGHT BODY essentially empowers you with the knowledge to evolve into a superbeing!


As Dr Pillai taught during His recent Singapore Light Body seminar, when you acquire a LIGHT BODY, it does not mean you become a disembodied being of LIGHT, like a ghost, and simply disappear from existence.

Far from it.

Acquiring a LIGHT BODY means bringing more LIGHT into your body, which raises your own vibratory rate.

And when you vibrate at a higher frequency, you become more powerful than you can imagine because you acquire the power to manifest your own desires and goals within a far shorter period of time than when you vibrate at a lower rate.

Watch Mohini explain that the LIGHT BODY is not a losing proposing proposition and why you only stand to gain as you increase your vibratory rate and bring in more LIGHT into your body



Watch Dr Pillai’s Earlier Videos on The LIGHT BODY

You can access Babaji’s set of teachings on the LIGHT BODY by clicking HERE




Date: 25 Feb 2012

Time: 9 am to 5 pm (Lunch is not provided)

Venue: Traders Hotel,1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore

Fee: SGD$180

Register through Eventbrite by clicking on  the logo:

Payment: Credit card (via Paypal)

Discount For Participants who had participated in Dr Pillai’s New Year’s LIGHT BODY Seminar in Singapore: S$150 (please get in touch with me separately)

For further queries, contact: / Vijay (+65 97309604)

With love


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