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Why We Are Missing Out On A Magical Universe Unfolding All Around Us

March 26, 2012

Dr Pillai (Babaji) teaching His Introductory Light Body seminar in Singapore on 25 February 2012.

Namaste everyone,

During Dr Pillai (Baba’s) recent Introductory Light Body Seminar in Singapore on 25 February 2012, Baba had us play this video by well-loved quantum physicist, Michio Kaku, several times for everyone to watch.

For those of you who are not familiar with Michio Kaku, he is a brilliant and charismatic quantum physicist who has the gift of making highly complex and abstract quantum physics concepts so easy and enjoyable for all of us to understand .

Here, Michio Kaku shares how MIT has developed a super-camera that can take one trillion frames per second.

So what, he asks?

The MIT super-camera would allow us to get a glimpse into the true extent of the magical reality constantly unfolding all around us, which we cannot begin to perceive because of the limitation of our present “equipment” i.e. our physical senses (eyes and ears) and sugar-based organic human brain.

In our current evolutionary state, we do not have  the capacity to witness miraculous events that are taking place on different time-scales outside our field of perception, such as events that take place on a millionth-of-a second time scale (photosynthesis) and on the other end, events that unfold over a million-year time scale (evolution).



Baba’s Light Body teachings are intended to help you transcend your own physical limitations over a period of time.
These ancient wisdom will give you the techniques and tools to raise your own vibratory rate and accelerate your own personal evolution so that in time, you will be able to perceive and to a certain extent, influence reality around you as it unfolds in real-time around you,  just like the yogis and enlightened masters were able to.

Guru's Grace by Nandi

To learn more about Babaji’s Light Body teachings, you can visit Baba’s website at:
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