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Launch of the SHREEM BRZEE Wealth and Financial Abundance Powerspot Trip to India (1 to 6 June 2012)

April 24, 2012

Goddess Lakshmi - The archetype for wealth and unlimited material abundance

Namaste everyone,

Our next powerspot trip will be one which many people have been waiting for – the SHREEM BRZEE  Wealth and Abundance Powerspot Trip to India (1 to 6 June 2012).


In the YouTube video below, Mohini shares about the amazing powerspots we will be visiting and obtaining blessings from:


Mohini Talks About the SHREEM BRZEE Powerspot Trip to India (Click on Mohini's picture to view video)


Here are the highlights of this amazing trip:

(1) Dr Pillai (Baba) Himself picked out the Lakshmi powerspots for us to visit on SHREEM BRZEE Powerspot Trip

(2) we are organising the SHREEM BRZEE Powerspot Trip during a powerful and rare astrological phenomenon i.e. Venus eclipse of the Sun on 5 and 6 June 2012. During this eclipse, Venus will be positioned in front of the Sun, shining his energies of prosperity and abundance onto the earth plane. The next Venus eclipse of the Sun will take place 105 years later i.e 2117

(3) To give you the most powerful and maximum blessings for the SHREEM BRZEE TRIP, we will be engaging a specially trained Vedic priest to travel with us to perform karma busting and Lakshmi prosperity homas (fire rituals) during the trip at the hotels that we are staying. For thousands of years, performing homas have been acknowledged as the most powerful way to have your prayers and desires fulfilled by the Divine.

[Note: Homas are elaborate and hence costly rituals. In Singapore, ordering a homa, for example, a homa for Lord Muruga, costs S$2,000 per homa at one of the local Muruga temples here]

Picture of Sharaba

(4) Visit some of the most powerful and secretive karma busting powerspots to remove your most stubborn karma including the world famous Saturn temple for karma removal as well as a visit to the Sharaba temple. Sharaba is the ferocious form of Lord Shiva who will completely vanquish negativities surrounding you

(5) Visit one of the ultimate powerspots to perform tarpanam (ancestor offering) at Siddhalapatu Temple to dissolve your ancestor karma. Here, you will also get the opportunity to have darshan (holy sight) of Adi Ganesha, i.e primordial Ganesha where Ganesha has a human head.

(6) Engage in intense daily karma-busting rituals during the trip including chopping limes and smashing coconuts for ultimate karma removal

(7) Visit the most powerful powerspots for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth that Dr Pillai (Baba) has identified to give you maximum opportunity to soak in the vibrations of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

(8) Perform poojas (flower offerings), and participate in abishekams (ritual milk baths to obtain the Divine’s blessings) at all temples and powerspots we visit.

(9) Receive the blessings of the Divine by participating in auspicious sahasranamas at selected powerspots for karma busting and wealth. A sahasranama is a ritual in which a priest invokes the divine being residing in the temple’s sanctum sanctorium (inner sanctum) by reciting His/Her 1008 names. Just listening to these Divine names and attributes being sung will bring you unlimited blessings!

(10) Engage in daily SHREEM BRZEE chanting sessions at Lakshmi powerspots and while travelling on the bus. Our target is to complete chanting 50,000 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions by the end of the trip.

(11) Obtain unparallel access each powerspot’s sanctum sanctorium (inner sanctum) where you get to stand in close proximity to the priest as he performs offerings to invoke the Divine for your blessings.

(13) Highlight of the SHREEM BRZEE TRIP: Visit to Goddess Lakshmi’s birthplace, “the super powerspot” which resonates with Lakshmi’s unmistakable energies.

Here, Goddess Lakshmi’s presence is palpable and you will be able to personally connect with Goddess Lakshmi and establish a Divine relationship with Her. At Goddess Lakshmi’s birthspot, your soul will have the most maximum opportunity to access and absorb Lakshmi’s energies for abundance, prosperity, joy and all things materially beautiful!


Picture on temple wall depicting the scene where Goddess Lakshmi arose from creation.


The trip will be from 1 to 6 June 2012 and to learn more about the amazing powerspots we are visiting as well how to sign up for this trip, here is the trip e-flyer: SHREEM BRZEE Powerspot Trip 2012 E-Flyer




With love,


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