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Introduction (Part 1) from Mohini’s “A New You For The New Year (I)” Seminar (21 April 2012)

April 26, 2012

Namaste everyone,

In this, and in the next few posts, I am happy to share with you video teachings from Mohini’s seminar in Singapore last week (21 April 2012) titled “A New You For The New Year!” (Part 1).



During this intensive seminar,  Mohini taught attendees Dr Pillai (Baba)’s teachings for 2012 and the Golden Age and included:

(1) techniques to harness the power of the Sun (who is now in an especially powerful astrological phase) and bring more Divine Light into our lives. The more Divine Light we have in our very being, the faster we can accomplish and manifest our goals and desires.



(2) crush negativity once-and-for all with the power of SHARABA, the ferocious form of Lord Shiva. Sharaba is the negativity-destroyer. As Dr Pillai teaches, chanting Sharaba’s quantum sounds are like detonating a nuclear weapon in the face of negativity. Result? Bye-bye negativity


SHARABA! at the Sharaba Temple in South India.

(3) the importance of tarpanam (ancestor offering ritual) to get our ancestors on our sides.

(4) how to take maximum advantage of the blessings available from the 9-planets each day by knowing the passwords in order to access their energies on an hourly basis.



In Introduction (1) below, Mohini explains why, astrologically, we are now in the best time window (which occurs once every 226,000 years!), to support our material and spiritual evolution.



In Part 2 of her “A New You For The New Year” (5 May 2012), Mohini will give Dr Pillai’s teachings on:

(1)  SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate quantum sound for wealth and abundance. During this seminar, Mohini will also be giving a guided meditation you can perform for SHREEM BRZEE

(2) advanced techniques to get the 9-planets further on your side

(3) a Light Body technique you can practice on a daily basis


The Light Body

How To Sign Up For Mohini’s “A New You For The New Year (Part 2) Seminar on 5 May 2012

Mohini’s seminar is FREE and if you will be in Singapore, you are invited to join her seminar on 5 May 2012 (9 am to 1 pm) at the Traders Hotel.

To register, click HERE:   

With love


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