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The 9 Planets & Getting Them On Your Side (Part 1): Mohini’s “A New You For The New Year (I)” Seminar (21 April 2012)

May 1, 2012

Yantras (sacred geometrical representations) of all the 9 Planets



Namaste everyone,

In this, and in the next few posts, I will be sharing with you video teachings from Mohini’s seminar in Singapore last week (21 April 2012) titled “A New You For The New Year!” (Part 1).


In this four-part video segment, Mohini introduces you to the 9 Planets, the agents of your daily karma. As Mohini explains, the job of the 9 Planets is to dish out your destiny on a daily basis, in the most neutral way.

If you know the passwords (quantum sounds) to get each of the 9 Planets on your side each day, then you will enjoy their best blessings on a daily basis.  If not, you may be wondering why everything seems to be going wrong in your day.


Here is a guide to which planet rules over which day of the week:








*for the moment, you need not know about the other two shadow planets, RAHU & KETU






In Part 2 of her “A New You For The New Year” (5 May 2012), Mohini will give Dr Pillai’s teachings on:

(1)  SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate quantum sound for wealth and abundance. During this seminar, Mohini will also be giving a guided meditation you can perform for SHREEM BRZEE

(2) advanced techniques to get the 9-planets further on your side

(3) a Light Body technique you can practice on a daily basis



How To Sign Up For Mohini’s “A New You For The New Year (Part 2)” Seminar on 5 May 2012

Mohini’s seminar is FREE and if you will be in Singapore, you are invited to join her seminar on 5 May 2012 (9 am to 1 pm) at the Traders Hotel.

To register, click HERE:   

With love


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