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Don’t Miss Taking Part in Astroved.Com’s Guru Purnima Homa (Fire Ritual) FREE on 3 July 2012

June 22, 2012

Namaste everyone,

As I had mentioned in my post below, with love and compassion from Dr Pillai (Baba), we now have a great opportunity to access the blessings and grace of the Divine by participating in sacred homas (powerful fire rituals) ABSOLUTELY FREE.

The next homa you can take advantage of could not have come at a better time – it is a homa to access the power of the Guru (your spiritual master) on Guru Purnima.

Guru Purnima (also known as Full Moon Night of the Guru) is the single most powerful time of the year where the Guru can access the full extent of His/Her powers and extend His/Her most powerful and choicest blessings to you.

The full moon is also representative of Goddess Lakshmi and that of abundance and prosperity.

Just click on the picture below to access the’s SPECIALS page:


Click on picture to access the SPECIALs page where you can sign up for the Free Homa


With love


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