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Dharmavathi’s SHREEM BRZEE Miracle Story

August 9, 2012


Namaste everyone,

As promised in my earlier post, here is Dharmavathi’s divine SHREEM BRZEE miracle story.

Dharmavathi has been attending our SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth chanting sessions in Singapore and shared with me her beautiful miracle story.

I  just completed my 3rd SHREEM BRZEE session with Vijay in Singapore last Saturday (21 July 2012). I have to share with you the improvements that I have noted after the second SHREEM BRZEE  session.

After the 1st session my father- in-law passed on and after that things took a horrible turn that effected my personal life and business. Then slowly right before the 2nd  SHREEM BRZEE session in  June I managed to get RM$10,000 and finally somehow with divine grace and guidance made it for the 2nd SHREEM BRZEE session in Singapore.

I knew it instinctively then that I was destined for a change from then onwards.

Then in July 2012 (after the 2nd  SHREEM BRZEE session) I finally  received my payment for a job that was ongoing for RM$35,000 which then I used to clear much of my backlog payments. After that, I was once again almost broke (so to speak), then suddenly just a day before the Full Moon day, the organizer of the homa rituals at the Goddess Eswari temple where I frequent called me and said she felt a great urge to remind me to bring my Mahamehru (which I have at my altar at home) for the prayers.

I took my Mahamehru as I felt it was a calling from the Goddess herself and went for the prayers. The priests did the bathing (abishekam) for the goddess at the inner sanctum where the Goddess herself was and then did similar abishekam for the meru both at the same time. It was truly remarkable. I brought my Mahamehru home after the prayers and placed in once again on my altar.

The next day, I had an appointment to submit a licence application for my film distribution company with our local television government channel which I had been trying to get the past few years and was continuously rejected.



A miracle happened that day, they not only approved the licence but told us to wait while the officer actually printed it out to hand it to us on the same day. I was utterly speechless. I simply couldn’t believe it myself. (This must be the only occasion that they have ever  done that!).

Last Friday, just before leaving to Johor Bahru, I had to attend another pitching session for two different 13-episoders (sitcom) for the same TV station and to our greatest joy both the sitcoms were approved for production (worth almost RM$500,000 from which I should be able to make a pretty decent profit. However, to get to this pitching session on Friday there were numerous obstacles (including my car breaking down on the way to Johor Bahru) but luckily we managed to finally get to the TV station.

I am truly and surely confident that the SHREEM BRZEE sessions in Singapore are working miracles in my life and I am excited to see what other greatness is going to happen in future.

I am truly confident that my financial situation will definitely improve in the next few months and I would be more than able  to join in on all the future powerspot trips that you and Vijay will be organizing. In fact, I can’t wait to start going on this remarkable life transforming trips with our group.

I am so thankful to god for giving me the opportunity to follow Dr Pillai (Babaji’s) teachings and for bringing Mohini and Vijay into my life. I look forward to the changes that will be happening in my life financially, and spiritually.

Love and light,

S Dharmavathi

Kuala Lumpur,



 Thank you Dharmavathi!



Join us for our SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting Session next week on 18 August 2012 from 9 am to 5 pm.

For more details and to register, please click HERE:


With love




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