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Two Blessings from Dr Pillai (Baba)

October 14, 2012


Namaste everyone

I am delighted to share with you two divine blessings from Dr Pillai (Baba) for all of us:




Dr Pillai (Baba) will join us for the most important part of our Ultimate Karma Busting Trip:  Rameshwaram!

By divine providence, Baba announced that He will be in Rameshwaram on the same day as all of us on the Ultimate Karma Busting and Miracle Manifesting Powerspot Trip!

What an divine blessing simply because Baba embodies the very essence of Rameshwaram’s destiny-transforming powers.

As Baba had revealed before, that is why He took birth on the island of Rameshwaram and spent the first 18 years of His life on Rameshwaram without ever stepping off the island – Baba wanted to fully absorb into His very being Rameshwaram’s karma-busting and sin dissolving powers.

Baba has also explained many times that His foremost siddhi (supernormal) power is to transform peoples’ destinies by diffusing their negative and limiting karmas which hold them back from realising their true potential.


Bathing in the sea of Rama for ultimate karma busting



Take a Journey to Baba’s Birthplace &

Learn Why He Didn’t Step Off Rameshwaram for 18 Years!


Not only will we be with Baba at Rameswaram at this powerful karma busting and destiny transforming vortex, moreover, the timing couldn’t be more perfect i.e. we will be with Baba during Navaratri (the 9 Nights of the Goddess), the most powerful time of the year where the Goddess energy is most abundantly accessible.

As it turns out, we will be with Baba during the period that the goddess energy of abundance and wealth (Goddess Lakshmi) will be shining down on all of us during Navaratri.

It gets better!

Baba will be bringing with Him a channeler who channels Karuppaswamy, a form of the divine who brings divine justice and who is a fast-acting god.

The name of the channeler is Sukumar and Karuppaswamy entered his body recently.

You can watch two videos from Astroved sharing Sukumar’s story and Baba talking (in a private recording in San Diego) about how Karuppaswamy brings instant justice:


(1) Karuppaswamy Comes Alive!



(2) Karuppaswamy Promises Instant Justice!



Attendees on our Ultimate Karma Busting and Miracle Manifestation Powerspot Trip 2012 trip will have the opportunity to get a reading directly from Karuppaswamy at Rameshwaram through the channeler Sukumar. We will have more details for all attendees shortly.

If you would like to join the trip (19 to 21 October 2012), you can get in touch with me at +65 97309604 



Baba will incorporate and teach His Millionaire Yoga principles in His upcoming “Unleash Your Divine Mind” 2-Day Intensive masterclass in Singapore (3 & 4 November 2012) (9 am to 9 pm)

Baba wants to give us His very best and during His 1st “Live” Asia Google Hangout a few days ago, Baba announced He wanted to include His Millionaire Yoga teachings into our “Unleash Your Divine Mind” 2-day intensive masterclass.


Dr Pillai (Baba) giving Initiation by touch (sparisha diksha) in the forest during Hiis 2012 Mt Shashta Retreat


This is a beautiful blessing and I hope all of you will take full advantage of Baba’s gift for all of us.

As it stands now, not only will attendees:

(1) receive Baba’s premier teachings to access your Divine Mind and perform miracles in your life AND

(2) get a rare sparisha diksha initiation (initiation by touch) from Baba to awaken AND

(3) go on a field trip with Baba to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for practical training on how to commune and access the wisdom and power of plants and trees AND

(4) receive the teachings that Baba taught during His recent 2012 Guru Purnima seminar at Mt Shashta in the US (which costs US$2,500 / S$3,100)




You will receive Baba’s core teachings on His new program, Millionaire Yoga, to empower you to develop a millionaires’ consciousness i.e. a consciousness that is unlimited and open to the field of all possibilities.

To watch Baba make this announcement during His Asia Google Hangout, click on picture below


Click on the picture to watch Baba’s Asia Google Hangout


or click  HERE


Watch Baba speak about the special initiation He will give all attendees:



Seminar Details for Baba’s “Unleash Your Divine Mind!” in Masterclass

Venue/Date & Time

Date: 3 & 4 November 2012, 9 am to 9 pm daily (with breaks in-between)

Venue:  Traders Hotel, 1A, Cuscaden Road, Singapore

*Light refreshments will be provided. Meals are not included.


Seminar Fee

Regular Fee: S$3,000 for the entire 2 day intensive masterclass with Baba (includes field trip) plus Initiation by Baba plus 2 follow up online seminars with Mohini

Early Bird Discount (which ends on 24 October 2012): S$2,500


To register and learn more, please visit:


With love


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