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Prove It For Yourself! (highlights from Dr Pillai’s 2012 Guru Purnima Retreat)

October 16, 2012


Namaste everyone,

Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path.

Simply knowing that you can manifest anything by harnessing the power of your Third Eye is not the same as actually spending time doing the practice.

As Dr Pillai (Baba) explains, you have got to prove it for yourself that it works!

You can read about your manifesting powers in a book but the way to see real results is to do the practices and techniques that Dr Pillai has revealed, for example, the AH manifesting meditation, by chanting the manifesting mantra ARA KARA or by chanting the ultimate quantum sound for money and abundance, SHREEM BRZEE.





Join Dr Pillai (Baba) in Singapore for His ground-breaking “Unleash Your Divine Mind” 2-day intensive masterclass (3 & 4 November 2012, 9 am to 9 pm daily) to awaken your Third Eye!

During Baba’s “Unleash Your Divine Mind” + Initiation to Awaken Your Third Eye seminar, you will:  .

(1) receive Baba’s premier teachings to access your Divine Mind and perform miracles in your life;

(2) get a rare sparisha diksha initiation (initiation by touch) from Baba to activate & awaken your Third Eye;

(3) go on a field trip with Baba to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for practical training on how to commune and access the wisdom and power of plants and trees;

(4) receive the principles and teachings that Baba taught during His recent 2012 Guru Purnima seminar at Mt Shashta in the US (which costs US$2,500 / S$3,100);

(5) receive Baba’s core teachings on His new program, Millionaire Yoga, to empower you to develop a millionaires’ consciousness i.e. a consciousness that is unlimited and open to the field of all possibilities (worth S$500); AND

(6) receive two online follow-up Sessions with Pillai Center teacher Mohini over a period of two months after the MasterClass (worth S$500)


To register and learn more, please visit:


With love


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