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Give the Gift of Love for Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Tripura Foundation’s Diwali Charity Drive (I): Yadeesh’s Touching Story

November 7, 2012

Dr Pillai & His students meet with children from Baba’s HoPE Centers in Madurai during Dr Pillai’s Birthday Trip To India (Feb 2012).


Namaste everyone,

Diwali is just around the corner and Dr Pillai (Baba)’s charity foundation, Tripura Foundation (, need your help to bring cheer, happiness and love to the thousands of children under their care and support.

The festival of Diwali signifies the triumph of Light over darkness and in India, Diwali is as big as Christmas.

For Diwali 2012, Tripura Foundation wants to make all the children they take care of (i.e. poor children from slums, broken families, rural villages) happy.

These are children who have nothing in life and so Tripura Foundation will be throwing grand parties and feasts with gifts of beautiful new clothes, school bags, talent shows and fun prizes, in every district for all of Baba’s 44 HoPE Centers (to-date…but ever increasing.)


What is a HoPE Center?

If you would like to learn more about Baba’s HoPE Center and about the beautiful work done there, please view this introduction video below.



Please take a look at my earlier post on Baba’s HoPE Town with many lovely pictures of the divine children from various HoPE Centers.



Diwali Blessings

Tripura Foundation has the noble goal to raise $30,000 to cover the costs of this grand celebration- feast and gifts for all the children and their families – 1540 children in total!


Holiday Charity Drive Goals:

(i) To give all HoPE Center children and families their greatest Diwali celebration

(ii) To provide beautiful new clothes and school bags for 1,540 children in the 44 centers

(iii) To have a grand celebration and feast for all the children and Families

Total Cost: $30,000


How you can make a difference WITH JUST $1? Yadeesh’s Story

Even the gift of a single dollar ($1) can make a difference in a poor child’s life.

Yadeesh, Trustee of Tripura Foundation and the tireless force behind Baba’s HoPE Centers

Yadeesh, Baba’s HoPE Center Trustee, remembers what is it like to grow up really poor and shares his touching story below of the kindness of a neighbour during Diwali that made all the difference for him that year:

For your reference, 30 India rupees = USD$0.55 cents = SGD$0.67 cents.





It does not take much to make a difference in a poor child’s life.

As Yadeesh shared his story, even a small gift of  $1 can make a difference and your gift can go a very long way in touching a child’s life

If you would like donate and make that difference, you can do so at the Tripura Foundation HERE



One of the 44 HoPE Centers. Baba wants to have 100 HoPE Centers as soon as possible.


With love


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