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Launch of our Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip to India (22 to 27 December 2012)

November 13, 2012

“This trip [the Ultimate Karma Busting Powerspot Trip (Oct 2012] was a divine blessing for me. One of the most blissful experiences I have had till date. Thank you Dr Pillai (Babaji) for giving us this miracle. Thanks to Vijay and Mohini for organizing such a wonderful trip.”




Click to watch Mohini share about the Siddha masters we will be communing with on the trip


Namaste everyone,

Journey with us into mystical realms of India where you will have direct encounters with Siddha masters, perfected beings who live among us in their Light Body form.

On this journey, you will spend extended periods of time in meditation at sacred powerspots (often secret and inaccessible to the masses) and directly commune with such Siddha masters who are ever so waiting to bless you with divine gifts and supernormal abilities in order to help you in your personal spiritual and material evolution.


Siddha Master Dr Pillai (Baba) at Agastya’s cave at Coutralam. It is said that this is where Siddha Agastya initiated Maha Avatar Babaji into the Light Body


Objective of the Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip

The Siddhi (supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip will empower you to transcend the limitations of your five senses and what you think is humanly possible. We will to take on a  journey beyond your limited mind and empower you to live in unity (siddhi) consciousness, where all things are possible:

  • SPEND  extended periods of meditation at powerful Siddha samadhi powerspots
  • ATTAIN  blissful communion with the Siddha masters
  • ACQUIRE siddhi powers and develop your own supernormal abilities
  • SEEK  instant divine help to solve your problems (health, relationship, financial, spiritual)


18 of the greatest Siddha masters


The Siddhas & Siddhi Powers

The Siddhas are perfected masters who have journeyed beyond enlightenment.

Through divine grace and their own intense spiritual practices, the Siddhas acquired and attained siddhi powers and are able to perform supernormal feats beyond human comprehension.

Two of the most famous Siddhas masters from the Siddha tradition, Siddha Thirumoolar (who revealed the Arakara manifesting mantra) and Siddha Patanjali (father of yoga) wrote about acquiring siddhi powers (such as powers of bi-location, thought manifestation, telepathy, telekinesis, becoming omnipotent (to be all-powerful) omnipresent (to be all-present) and omniscient (to be all-knowing)) in their epic works, Tirumantiram and Yoga Sutras respectively.



According to Nandhi (, a Siddha based in California, in their search for God, the path of  the Siddhas is one that abandons the rigidity of one’s beliefs in favour of a life that is based on experience, teachings and grace of the Guru.


A Word on Seeking Siddhi Powers:

Conventional spiritual traditions have portrayed the seeking of siddhi powers as something to be shunned because acquiring such siddhi powers is said to inflate a spiritual aspirant’s ego and may derail his/her spiritual journey.

The Siddhas believe the opposite – you acquire siddhis as result of grace and such gifts constantly remind you of the presence of the divine living within you. The Siddha way is the path of restraint and Siddha masters, though graced with siddhi powers, choose to live in solitude or among us in society,  disguised as ordinary householders.



The World of the Siddhas Has Remained Unchanged for Thousands of Years

Siddha Nandhi gives a beautiful description of how to understand the unchanging world of the Siddhas:

The world of the Siddhas exists unchanged as it did thousands of years ago

“The realm of the Siddhas is mystical, most times unbelievable and has remained unchanged over thousands of years…To envision this world, it is comparable to the life present in the extreme depth of the ocean existing under intense high pressure and total darkness, hardly ever disturbed by external forces.  This would be an example to illustrate the world of the Siddhas beneath the known in Southern India which still vibrant and alive and yet far away from the rest of human civilisation.

These ancient spiritual places in South India, hidden from the rest of the world resonate with the presence of the Siddhars even today”


What is a Siddha samadhi shrine (brindava)?

A Siddha samadhi shrine is a powerspot where the Siddha master decided (many hundreds or thousands of years ago) to establish himself permanently in his light form there in an act of compassion to make himself available to seekers who seek his help.

A Siddha samadhi shrine is also referred to as “brindhava” which can be translated as “pleasure garden” i.e.where the Siddha remains in eternal heavenly bliss. Note that a Siddha samadhi shrine is not regarded a tomb. Many of the greatest Siddha samadhi shrines continue to be shrouded in secrecy and we have been blessed to have enlightened Siddha master, Dr Pillai (Baba), guide us to some of the most powerful Siddha samadhi shrines in South India to get the blessings of the Siddha saint at these powerspots

When you visit a powerful Siddha’s samadhi shrine, you immediately connect with the Siddha there at a soul level, and with grace, are blessed with the boons you seek from him (including siddhi powers).


Siddha Patanjali’s Samadhi Shrine at Rameshwaram. Here, Baba attained enlightenment


Trip Highlights

  • 1 preparatory session with Mohini to lay the foundation for the trip and to initiate you into the meditation technique you will perform at each samadhi shrine so that you can effectively commune with the Siddha present there
  • 5-day meditation intensive across South India featuring extended meditation and communion sessions at each samadhi shrine in order for you to get the blessings you seek, i.e. blessings to attain siddhi (supernormal) powers; and/or answers to your personal request by these powerful Siddhas (for example, for a health, relationship, financial, spiritual miracle/boon)
  • homas (sacred fire rituals) to invoke the blessings of the Siddha masters we will be communing with
  • 1 post-trip follow up session with Mohini


Trip attendees participating in a homa (sacred fire ritual)



Be open and committed to doing what it takes to:

(i) accelerating your personal evolution

(ii) pushing the boundaries beyond the limitations of your 5 senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste) in activating your own supernormal faculties


Be willing to sit in meditation / communion between 1 to 2 hours at each of the Siddha samadhi shrines we will be meditating at. This is important because we will be meditating closely together as a group at such samadhi shrines. If you are not willing to sit in silence for 1 to 2 hours and know that you will get restless, this will disrupt the meditation of other trip attendees.


For the Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip 2012, group consciousness i.e. functioning together as a group, is key



A Snapshot of the Siddhas Masters & Their Samadhi Shrines We Are Visiting

Siddha Patanjali

(1) Siddha Patanjali Samadhi Shrine (Rameshwaram)

  • revered as one of the greatest Siddhas from the 18 Siddha tradition
  • regarded as the father of Yoga
  • teaches how to acquire siddhi powers in his Yoga Sutras
  • teaches precise 4-stage technique to enter samadhi (unity consciousness) for thought manifestation and to acquire a variety of siddhi powers
  • is the powerspot where Dr Pillai (Baba) sat and meditated during His childhood and where He attained self-realisation


Siddha Idaikadar

(2) Siddha Idaikadar Samadhi Shrine (Thiruvanamalai)

  • one of the great Siddhas from the 18 Siddha tradition
  • regarded as the “gatekeeper” to the world of the Siddhas
  • you go before Siddha Idaikadar in order to get His blessings to gain access to the Siddha realms




Swami Sheshdari

(3)  Sri Sheshadri Swamigal Samadhi Shrine (Thiruvanamalai)

  • elder spiritual brother to Ramana Maharishi
  • regarded as the one of the great mystics of Thiruvanamalai
  • had at his disposal many siddhi powers & performed many siddhi miracles at Thiruvanamalai
  • his samadhi shrine is energetically very powerful




Siddha Agastya – Father of the Siddhas

(4) Siddha Agastya Samadhi Shrine (Kumbakhonam)

  • revered as one of the greatest Siddhas from the 18 Siddha tradition and is the head of the Siddhas tradition
  • level of evolution so great that Siddha Agastya is regarded as being on par with the gods



(5) Siddha Thirumular Samadhi Shrine (Kumbakhonam)

  • revered as one of the greatest Siddhas from the 18 Siddha tradition
  • cognised the ARA KARA mantra, the manifesting mantra of the Siddha tradition
  • known as the  Father of Light as His epic work Thirumantiram is a manual on how to attain the Light Body



Communing with Siddha Thirumoolar at his samadhi shrine in Kumbakhonam


Sri Guru Dakshinamurthy

(6) Sri Guru Dakshinamurthy Swamiga Samadhi Shrine (Kumbakhonam)

  • When Dr Pillai (Baba) recently visited Sri Guru Dakshninamurthy Swamigal’s samadhi shrine for the first time, Baba said that his shrine was the most powerful that He had ever encountered
  • Sri Guru Dakshninamurthy Swamigal was born in full control of all siddhi powers
  • See Mohini’s testimonial when she visited Sri Guru Dakshninamurthy Swamigal’s samadhi temple in April 2012

Mohini describes how Sri Guru Swamigal Dakshinamurthy entered her body and gave her an enlightenment experience when she visited his samadhi shrine.



Sri Vijayeendra Swamigal

(7) Sri Vijayeendra Samadhi Shrine (Kumbakhonam)

  • guru to Swami Raghavendra, revered as one of the most greatest saints in India. Swami Raghavendra gave the mantra “SRI MOOLA RAMO VIJAYATHE”
  • Saint Vijayeendra has the full complement of 64 siddhi powers
  • very communicative and compassionate saint who entered his samadhi shrine 600 years ago




(8) Siddha World 1: Coutralam (Home of the Siddhas)

(i) Make a climb up the hills of Coutralam & bathe in the sacred Siddha Waterfalls for health and rejuvenation

(ii) meditate in Siddha Agastya’s actual cave where he initiated Mahaavatar Babaji, the deathless Himalayan master (featured in Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi”) into the eternal Light Body

(iii) perform extended meditation at Shenbaga Devi Temple: Shenbaga Devi is powerful Goddess who grants siddhi powers


Coutralam Mountains



Shenbaga Devi’s Temple at the Coutralam mountain top


Shenbaga Devi


Coutralam Waterfalls



Baba in Siddha Agastya’s cave at Coutralam. This cave is where Siddha Agastya meditated and is said to have initiated Maha Avatar Babaji into the Light Body



Goddess Angali Amman

(8) Goddess Sri Angali Temple (Chennai)

  • Goddess Angali grants siddhi powers to those who perform 1008 rounds of pradakshina at her main sanctum sanctorium
  • The pillars in this temple are also magical and powerful  because there is a Siddha master living in each pillar



CAPACITY:  Due to space constraints at these samadhi shrines, we aim to accept 10 participants for Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip 2012


Dates & Costs

Date of trip: 22 to 27 December 2012


Trip Costs

Trip costs: SGD$2,500* (US$2,100*) per person** 


INCLUDES (while you are on the trip):

(i) your food and meals;

(ii) your accommodations (twin-sharing);

(iii) bottled water;

(iv) your coach transport

(v) all tipping of the hotel staff/waiters/drivers;

(vi) all temple rituals for the group including abishekams, poojas and archanas

(vii) your pick up from the Trichy airport when you arrive in India and drop-off at the Trichy airport when you are departing from India. (NOTE: Only applicable as long as you arrive and depart during the given scheduled time).



(i) the cost of your international return air ticket to India

(ii) the cost of your visa to enter India

(iii) any trip extensions or changes to your itinerary

(iv) your personal room service charges / mini-bar consumption / individual beverages ordered during meals

(v) your travel insurance for the trip

(vi) your pickup and drop off at the Trichy airport if you arrive and are departing outside the scheduled group arrival and departure times


Question / Registration*

Vijay: / +65 97309604 (phone)


For full trip information, you can download the trip flyer here: Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (Full) (2012)


With love


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    I would like to visit and live in 18 Maha Siddhar’s Samadhi

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    sir, iam doing kundalini yoga but did not achieve any positive result.i want to achieve asht siddhis n win over death to live for thousands of years . can make me such.i did all things as per patanjali yog darshan but failed to achieve .if u can help me ,i will be highly obliged


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