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Register for an Encore of Dr Pillai’s Mid-Brain Miracle Method Telecast (with New & Updated “LIVE” Teachings from Dr Pillai Himself): Once Again Its FREE!

January 3, 2013

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Namaste everyone,

If you missed Dr Pillai (Baba)’s  Mid-Brain Miracle Method broadcast on 22 December 2012, you can now catch an encore “LIVE” re-telecast of Dr Pillai (Baba)’s  Mid-Brain Miracle Method teachings (with new updates from Baba Himself) this coming weekend.


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You can learn more about Baba’s amazing  Mid-Brain Miracle Method teachings and how it can totally transform you from Baba’s YouTube below:



Here is what Baba will be teaching during His encore “Live” telecast:

.MMM Secrets You Will Learn


Baba’s “Live” seminar will be broadcasted FREE from the US on 5 January 2013.

To check the date and time the broadcast will take place in your location, see here:


MMM Timings


If your location is not listed above, you can click HERE to get the timings for your own timezone.



To give you a deeper understanding of your brain and its mysterious powers, Baba has assembled a panel of world-famous scientists and brain experts to speak during His seminar.


MMM Guest


These eminent scientists will share the latest scientific research on the human brain which validate what the yogis and ancient rishis always knew: each of us are born with tremendous divine power to create our own destiny and manifest all that we want effortlessly – we just need to learn how to unleash such power which remains hidden within our ajna chakra also known as our third eye and also referred to as our mid-brain.


To register for this free seminar and get your access link, click HERE

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with love

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