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Recording of Dr Pillai’s “LIVE” Google Hangout on the Rare MARS In CAPRICORN Astrological Alignment This Week

January 20, 2013




Namaste everyone,

Here is a recording of Dr Pillai (Baba)’s “LIVE” Google Hangout from early this morning during which Baba spoke about a powerful upcoming astrological alignment this week you shouldn’t miss.

The Mars in Capricorn astrological alignment will be taking place in just two/three days depending on your jurisdiction i.e. 22 January 2013 (US) / 23 January 2013 (Asia).

As Baba notes, this astrological alignment can give you tremendous blessings for debt relief, relationships and starting of new projects.

Watch this earlier video from Baba where He talks more about the impact of the Mars in Capricorn alignment and how you can benefit from it including a very special initiation empowerment from Baba:


Click on Baba's picture to watch video

Click on Baba’s picture to watch video


Both Baba’s website have great offerings you can sign up for to get maximum blessings from this rare alignment.

(1) Pillai Center:

(2) Astroved:


With love,


mars in capricorn




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