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Dr Pillai (Baba): “This is the Most Important [Initiation] Call I Have Ever Made In My Lifetime”

February 8, 2013
Baba speaking to His students during the LIVE Chidambaram call

Baba speaking to His students during the LIVE Chidambaram call


Namaste everyone,

On 27 January 2013, Dr Pillai (Baba) gave a most important LIVE initiation call from Chidambaram, one of the 5 greatest powerspots for SHIVA.

Chidambaram represents the element of Akash (pure space energy) which can also be understood as total pure consciousness.

Swami Ramalinga

On this day in 1874, Swami Ramalinga, the great siddha saint transformed himself totally into the LIGHT BODY and merged into LIGHT (as documented by the British officials who were the colonial rulers of India during this period).

Swami Ramalinga was one of Baba’s previous incarnations.

This initiation call from Chidambaram was one of Baba’s greatest gifts to His students because as Baba stated, “This is the most important calls I have ever made in my life”.

Most amazingly, it was FREE and open to anyone who wanted to receive the blessings of the Divine Light

After Baba’s call, several of Baba’s students wrote to me to share how moved they were because Baba’s call was so powerful – they could feel Baba channeling the Light of the Divine through the call with so much power. One such student said she was moved to river of tears as her soul experienced the Divine.

During the call, Baba gave us two sacred initiations into:

(1) ARUT PERUM JYOTI, the ultimate mantra to transform the body into LIGHT and then

(2) OM NAMO NARAYANAYA, the mantra for wealth and all material comforts.


Painting by Nandhi

Painting by Nandhi

Missed Baba’s initiation call?

It is not too late to get these blessings from Baba.

All you have to do is to register at Baba’s Pillai Center to get the access codes to listen to a replay of Baba’s Chidambaram LIVE initiation call!


Click here to get the access codes for a replay of Baba's Initiation call

Click here to get the access codes for a replay of Baba’s Initiation call


With love,


God 2

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  1. Elizabeth Carman permalink
    February 9, 2013 12:20 am

    when i click the link to get the instant replay, there is nothing on that webpage where you can submit info to get the phone call access.

    please advise.

  2. sunil permalink
    February 12, 2013 11:17 pm

    Hi.. I just downloaded thiruneelakantam and makaral sivayanama mp3 from pillaicenter website. The audio has separate meditation -thiruneelakantam and makaral sivayanama. But i am looking for audio which has combined form mantra thiruneelakantam makaral sivayanama in Baba’s Voice, so that i can play the audio and meditate (long chant). Can you please send the mp3/video/audio to my email address-, if you have? Thanks

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