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Your Most Pressing Questions on the LIGHT BODY Answered

March 24, 2013
Click on Mohini picture to watch the Google Hangout

Click on Mohini picture to watch the Google Hangout


Namaste everyone,

In Google Hangout on 16 March 2013, Dr Pillai (Baba) got delayed on His flight so Mohini took the opportunity to answer a number of the pressing questions you had sent in about the LIGHT BODY including what it means to have or to work towards a LIGHT BODY.


Light Body Mastery Banner



Baba will be hosting a global forum on 6 April 2013 via Google Hangout on the Light Body and why the LIGHT BODY is the most revolutionary but practical solution global upliftment and for fulfilling our  highest purpose as humans.


Baba’s LIGHT BODY Mastery forum will highlight four (4) key perspectives on the LIGHT BODY:

1: The existence and occurrence of the LIGHT BODY in World Religions

2: A Scientific Perspective of the LIGHT BODY

3: Global Healing and the LIGHT BODY

4: Personal Transformation and the LIGHT BODY


Here are the timings for Baba’s LIGHT BODY Mastery global broadcast, depending on where you live:

LBM Global Timings.


Light Body Mastery How To Register


With love


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