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A Personal Story from Mohini: Why The LIGHT BODY Is My Only Way Forward (Part 1)

April 3, 2013

Namaste everyone,

Mohini had a recent health issue and she shares how going through it made her realise why our evolution away from this aging-prone meat-body is so critical.

Mohini also shares why all of us should work with Dr Pillai (Baba) towards the LIGHT BODY as the only way forward.




I want to share with you an awakening in my life.

Yesterday I was sitting in the office of one of the best neurosurgeons in the world- he was showing me a picture of an MRI of my neck.

As he pointed out the images, he explained that a recent accident had jolted 3 of my cervical discs out of alignment, and they are pressing significantly into my spinal cord. The potential danger is that another minor fall could lead to a full spinal cord compression and possible permanent nerve damage.

Later that day, I shared the story with a friend who was quite concerned, and kept asking me if this procedure would give me a permanent solution to move the discs back to a safe place.

After the call, I kept seeing the image of the dislodged cervical discs and their protrusion into the spinal cord. The words of my friend were reverberating in my mind.

All of a sudden, I realized the procedure I will be undergoing, while cutting edge (and grateful for), is still limited. As I weighed all the options in front of me, I saw that any solution from medical science is impermanent. At every moment, we are vulnerable to disease, accidents, aging, etc……the human experience.

There is only one permanent solution for you, me and all of us. Dr. Pillai has been sharing a passionate message lately about a special time window for removing all disease from the body- which is the foundational stage to the Light Body.

The Light Body, a body transformed from flesh and blood into pure Light, vibrating with total ecstasy and bliss, transmitting a Light of Love and Compassion to all people and the universe- is the permanent solution.

This experience woke me up to the reality of how precious it is that Dr. Pillai is here in our lives and can offer us a real, permanent solution. Usually people only seek to capture the magnificence of a great saint after the saint is no longer with us.

Dr. Pillai has declared 2013 as the year to attain the disease-free Body. His Light Body Program begins April 15th, and He will share all the teachings, all the techniques, all the rituals- but most importantly, the transmission of his direct care, protection and transformation of your body, mind and soul.

He will be the bridge, he will do the work directly with you at the most subtle and powerful level. You only have to maintain your connection with him and open the doors of your being.

I invite you to join us for Dr. Pillai’s Light Body Global Forum on April 6th, where Dr. Pillai and others will share about the practical, real-life solution of the Light Body- enlighten you, prepare you, empower you to step into your greatest potential – Your Light Body



Light Body Mastery (edit)


Dr Pillai (Baba) will be hosting a global forum “LIVE” on 6 April 2013 via Google Hangout on the LIGHT BODY  and why the LIGHT BODY is the most revolutionary but practical solution global upliftment and for fulfilling our  highest purpose as humans.


Here is Baba explaining the significance of the LIGHT BODY



Baba’s LIGHT BODY Mastery forum will highlight four (4) key perspectives on the LIGHT BODY:

1: The existence and occurrence of the LIGHT BODY in World Religions

2: A Scientific Perspective of the LIGHT BODY

3: Global Healing and the LIGHT BODY

4: Personal Transformation and the LIGHT BODY


Here are the timings for Baba’s LIGHT BODY Mastery global broadcast, depending on where you live:


LBM Global Timings.


Light Body Mastery How To Register



Register Now


With love



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  1. Anietah Anandan permalink
    April 5, 2013 11:16 am

    May you be strong in the light of God’s love.
    ~Get Well Soon Dear Mohini ~

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