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Part 2 of Mohini’s Personal Story: Why The LIGHT BODY Is My Only Way Forward

April 5, 2013

Namaste everyone,

Thank you for all your prayers and well-wishes for Mohini.

Mohini had the corrective procedure three days ago and is recovering well.

She took time to pen more thoughts while recovering, which I would like to share with you below


Mohini (Edit)Thank you for all the love and prayers you are sending my way!

I have more realizations that I would like to share with you. During preparations for my medical procedure (non-invasive, thankfully!), I went through a battery of tests – blood work, heart exam, chest x-ray, etc.

The hospital is full of masses of people, all undergoing tests, seeking a cure, undergoing procedures.

Life is full of ongoing medical tests, viewing results, gauging the health of this body, making adjustments in medicines and procedures. It only gets worse – as you age, the process just heightens and the vigil for age-related diseases is never-ending.

Do we really want to live a life like this? Any benefit modern medicine gives us is impermanent. We need a permanent solution.

As I deal with my current medical condition, I listen to Dr. Pillai talk about his commitment and his never-ending efforts to bring us the permanent solution of the Light Body – I am profoundly moved by his indescribable generosity in giving us this great Gift.

Baba cutting His birthday cake during His birthday trip 2012

Baba cutting His birthday cake during His birthday trip 2012

Dr. Pillai has told me many stories of the dedicated and extensive service he had to perform for his gurus – for one particular guru, he spent years waking at 3 am, picking the flowers for the guru’s pooja, washing his guru for the morning bath, doing chores for the guru all day – day in and day out – just to receive some important initiations. In ancient times, the disciples would live in the forest with the guru for at least 10 years, performing daily service, just to receive blessings and initiations.

Dr. Pillai is dedicating himself in 2013 to give you the empowerment for the Disease-Free Body, the foundational stage of the Light Body. He will act as the bridge for you in striving to attain this extremely rare accomplishment, an accomplishment only a small group of individuals have attained throughout the ages. He can protect you and your body, transmit the miraculous transformation, give all the teachings and techniques. Even as you focus on your everyday life as you must – family, work, all the responsibilities – his work for you and your Disease-Free Body will go on every moment of every day.

This is the first time in the history of the world that a Master will offer the ultimate Liberation of the Light Body to many – in the past, this most precious gift was given by a Master to one or two.

Dr. Pillai is the only qualified Master, a pre-eminent world expert – to give you a permanent solution – imagine your Light Body and total freedom from physical, mental or emotional suffering. A Light Body that transmits Light, Love and blessings to all in the world.

I invite you to fully embrace your Light Body – live it first experientially and vibrationally as you join us for Dr. Pillai’s Light Body Global Forum on April 6th. Dr. Pillai will be giving a Light Body empowerment live, in the moment, during the Forum. An empowerment is most potent when received at the moment of transmission from the Master.


The Light Body

The Light Body


Light Body Mastery (edit)


Dr Pillai (Baba) will be hosting a global forum “LIVE” on 6 April 2013 via Google Hangout on the LIGHT BODY  and why the LIGHT BODY is the most revolutionary but practical solution global upliftment and for fulfilling our  highest purpose as humans.


Here is Baba explaining the significance of the LIGHT BODY



Baba’s LIGHT BODY Mastery forum will highlight four (4) key perspectives on the LIGHT BODY:

1: The existence and occurrence of the LIGHT BODY in World Religions

2: A Scientific Perspective of the LIGHT BODY

3: Global Healing and the LIGHT BODY

4: Personal Transformation and the LIGHT BODY


Here are the timings for Baba’s LIGHT BODY Mastery global broadcast, depending on where you live:


LBM Global Timings.


Light Body Mastery How To Register



Register Now


With love



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  1. Anietah Anandan permalink
    April 5, 2013 11:16 am

    May you be strong in the light of God’s love.
    ~Get Well Soon Dear Mohini ~ ❤

  2. April 7, 2013 7:11 pm

    Dear Mohini, My prayers are for u to get well soon, may God blessings & Grace be with you

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