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Get Your Supreme Mantra Initiation Empowerment from Dr Pillai (Baba) Here

April 16, 2013
Baba speaking to His students during a LIVE call

Baba speaking to His students during a LIVE call


Namaste everyone,

Power of the SunHappy Belated Vedic New Year to all of you!

As Dr Pillai (Baba) stated, the Vedic New Year occurs when astrologically the Sun moves into Aries.

This becomes a very powerful time for us because during this window, the Sun is shining massive energies of renewal for the world.

On this special day, Baba was to have taken part in a Google Hangout with all of us but because of the weak internet connection from His hotel room, Baba instead spoke to us on the phone.

During Baba’s call, He gave us a beautiful short lecture and powerful initiation empowerment “LIVE” from Thiruvanamalai (India) where He had gone to receive certain divine energies.

For the empowerment, Baba gave us an initiation into the new Maha (Supreme) Mantra which has the power to give us everything (money, relationship, spiritual evolution, health).


Here is the recording from Baba’s initiation call:


Click on Dr Pillai's picture to listen to the call

Click on Dr Pillai’s picture to listen to the call


If you are not familiar with the Maha (Supreme) Mantra, it is:



As a gift from Baba, you can download an audio recording of Baba chanting the Maha (Supreme) Mantra  and receive a pdf download giving a detailed meaning of each line of the Maha (Supreme) Mantra.

Just click on the picture to access these blessings from Baba:


Click here to register for your free gifts from Baba

Click here to claim your free gifts from Baba


or click HERE:


with love


green flower

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  1. claudine godber permalink
    April 17, 2013 5:17 am

    I am unable to hear this. Would it be possible to put out the main points in an article? many thanks Claudine Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 14:10:22 +0000 To:

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