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Volume 3 of Dr Pillai (Baba)’s LIGHT BODY Forum 2013 in Bitesize Video Clips For You!

April 27, 2013

Light Body Stylised


 Namaste everyone,

Baba (SG Edit)Here is Volume 3 of bite size video clips from Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Global Light Body Forum to make it more convenient for you so you will not miss out on Baba’s powerful blessings and energy empowerments that flowed freely during the global broadcast.

These selection of video clips feature interviews with 3 prominent physicians who share their experiences studying with  Baba and with the LIGHT BODY. They are:

(i) Dr Lionel Bisoon from New York

(ii) Dr Becky Prostko from Florida

(iii) Dr Anbarasu Annamalai from Australia. Interestingly, Dr Annamalai shares how he saw Baba’s body turn into Light during a seminar one day.


Meanwhile, watch the selection of video clips from Volume 1, you can CLICK HERE and for Volume 2, CLICK HERE.

Baba’s Global Light Body Forum has been posted in its entirety at and lasts 4 hours.

Just click on each of the screenshots to watch the video.

(If you face any difficulties watching any of the videos below, you can also watch them at



Discussion with Dr Lionel Bisoon


Lionel Bisoon



Discussion with Dr Becky Prostko


Becky Prostko



Discussion with Dr Anbarasu Annamalai


Anbarasu Annamalai



Look out for VOLUME 4 coming soon!


With love



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