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Join Dr Pillai “LIVE” on His Full Moon of Summer Solstice Empowerment FREE! (22 June 2013)(Details inside)

June 20, 2013

22 June 2013 Banner


Namaste everyone,

BABADr Pillai (Baba) will be hosting a special “Live” Hangout this Saturday, 22 June 2013 to welcome in the Full Moon of Summer Solstice.

The various timings for Baba’s Hangout is set out below and depends on the location you are in.

As Baba explains in His message below, this is a very special Full Moon of the Summer Solstice you should not miss.


Full Moon 11.

Here is Baba in His own words:

Babaji At Hanuman  CountryOn June 22nd, we welcome the Full Moon of the Summer Solstice. Following this, we have the all important Full Moon of the Guru in July.

So, from now onwards, don`t miss any of the Full Moons. Why? Because if you meditate or participate in a fire ritual on Full Moon day, you will do a lot to improve your life in general, particularly your enlightenment.

 Those people who want to spiritually evolve should not miss the Full Moons. The Full Moon night is the most important one. It`s the time for prayer, meditation and fire ritual.

 I have plans that we should hold full night vigils and chants, and get connected with the cosmos. Then, we can bring more and more light into this earth plane. We can really live the Golden Age.


22 June 2013 Timing Converter


Don’t miss this opportunity where Baba will reveal the secrets behind the power of the Full Moon and give you an energy transmission on this very important day.

To join Baba on His Hangout, use this link:


You can also learn more about Baba’s upcoming Guru Purnima 2013 empowerment webcast when you click on the picture below:

GP Banner


With love,



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