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An Important Update About Dr Pillai’s LIVE Guru Purnima Webcast Taking Place in 11 Hours

July 21, 2013

Namaste everyone,

Here is an important update from Dr Pillai (Baba)’s Pillai Center regarding Baba’s very special Guru Purnima webcast taking place in about 11 hours from now.

Dr. Pillai has just recently given us some exciting news!

Due to him being in a semi-remote location, Thiruvannamalai, he decided to pre-record the Full Moon Webcast in anticipation that the internet connection would not be sufficient.

Inspired by the amazing opportunity to connect with so many people, Dr. Pillai wants to try his best to speak with you live from the Mountain of Fire, Arunachala. This holy mountain is said to be the most powerful place on Earth to be during a Full Moon, and this is from where he will be transmitting his energy to you!

We will be attempting to call Dr. Pillai in at the onset of the event. He will then meditate with us while we watch his recording, transmitting to everyone his energy and empowerment, and then he will join us live to talk about a new program he is passionate about, the Mini Light Body Program. He wants to make himself personally available for questions and answers about this program!!

This is going to be incredibly amazing!! We now get the best of both worlds… hearing Dr. Pillai’s voice live from one of the most powerful places on earth during one of the most powerful times of the year, AND seeing his form in a pre-recorded video and meditation.


Here is the latest link to access Baba’s webcast:



This is a most precious gift from Baba and I hope you won’t miss this opportunity for Baba to SUPER-ACCELERATE YOUR SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL EVOLUTION!

Miss this opportunity and you have to wait for another year!

Baba will be transmitting His blessings to you “LIVE” via a FREE Google Hangout/Call on 21 July 2013 at 10 pm EDT / 22 July at 7:30 am (India time) / 22 July at 10 am (Singapore time).

Don’t pass up on this opportunity to spend the most powerful time of the year with Baba.

As Baba explains, Guru Purnima is so special because on this night, you can come closest to receiving ENLIGHTENMENT.

With love,


Baba giving a spiritual transmission

Baba giving a spiritual transmission

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