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“When You Take One Step Towards GOD, He Takes One Thousand Steps To You”

July 27, 2013


Namaste everyone,

Don’t miss this inspirational teaching from Dr Pillai (Baba)!

What grabbed me when I first heard it was Baba saying “when you take one step to God, [in return] God takes one thousand steps to you.”

Baba teaching in Singapore

Baba suggested that your first step to God or if you prefer (the Divine) be to participate and access the blessings of GURU PURNIMA  (Full Moon Night of the Guru).

Now you can do so and immediately plug into the blessings that Baba gave so freely during His “Live” GURU PURNIMA empowerment webcast.

During this phenomenal transmission, Baba initiated everyone into the MAHA (SUPREME) MANTRA  that can transform your physical body into LIGHT.

The MAHA MANTRA was the mantra (sacred power sound) given to Swami Ramalinga directly Lord Shiva himself.

Swami Ramalinga

Swami Ramalinga who ascended into LIGHT



During His webcast, Baba spoke about the new Mini Light Body Program which He developed in order to allow as many people as possible to benefit from His LIGHT BODY teachings.

To learn more about this upcoming program, please click on the banner below.


Click on this banner to learn more about Baba's new Mini Light Body program

Click on this banner to learn more about Baba’s new Mini Light Body program



With love,



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