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Dr Pillai (Baba) Reveals the Secrets of Ancient Power Sound ABRAKADABRA in a “Live” Free Event (details below)

August 10, 2013


Namaste everyone,

In His Collective Wisdom series, Dr Pillai (Baba) will be sharing with you powerful wisdom from other ancient traditions to help you better your spiritual and material life.

At the heart of Baba’s Collective Wisdom series is His desire to show the universality of divine wisdom which all ancient traditions knew how to tap into and then express in accordance with their own unique cultural tradition.

In this case, like the mystical masters of Baba’s tradition (i.e. the Tamil Siddhas of India), the ancient Hebrew masters knew the magical power of sounds to manifest objects and manipulate the physical reality around them.

Baba gives the example how both the Tamil Siddhas and mystical Hebrew masters knew of the supreme power of VA YA  / YA VA for higher intelligence and power.

ancient path

The mystical path


Baba will be revealing how you can harness the mystical power of the ancient Hebrew sound “ABRAKADABRA”.

Unfortunately, modern day magicians and Hollywood have ensured that we associate “ABRAKADABRA” with something cheesy and comical.

However, in reality, “ABRAKADABRA” is a very powerful ancient mantra which Hebrew mystics uttered to manifest objects and manipulate the physical reality around them.

Join Baba for this free event on 11 August 2013 (9 am US PDT / 12 pm NY PDT / 5 pm London time / 9:30 pm IST / 12 August 2013 12 am Singapore time).


Secrets 1


Secrets Guests 1.

Secrets Guests 2.

Secrets Guests 3.

Secrets Guests 4


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Sign up here


With love



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