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A Free Gift From Dr Pillai (Baba) (I)

August 31, 2013

Haya Greeva 1


Namaste everyone,

Here is a free gift from Dr PIllai (Baba) – a audio recording of Baba leading you on a chanting meditation to invoke Hayagreeva’s blessings and energy into your life.

Who is Hayagreeva?

He is an avatar (incarnation) of VISHNU and holds the secrets to Supreme Intelligence. The ancient texts reveal that it is Hayagreeva who taught Goddess Saraswati (the Goddess of Knowledge) the divine secrets of the Universe.


What can Haya Greeva Do


Several years ago, we were privileged to visit one of Hayagreeva’s powerspots with Baba and you can watch Baba explaining more about Hayagreeva on-location HERE

Hayagreeva is currently very active on the earth plane and wishes to introduce humanity to a Higher Wisdom.

To claim your audio recording of Baba invoking Hayagreeva, click HERE

Just last week, Baba gave a profound teaching on Hayagreeva and gave everyone on this webcast a divine initiation into Hayagreeva’s mantra. If you would like to learn more and catch this webcast (which is still available on-demand),  you can visit Baba’s Pillai Center at HERE


With love,



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