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“The Ancient Yogis Knew The Secrets That Lay Within The Brain”

October 26, 2013


Namaste everyone,

I understand that many people wrote in to say that Dr Pillai (Baba)’s  LIVE Hangout last week on 20 October 2013 was one of His most profound.

With contributions from leading brain specialists, namely Dr Neil Bernard and Dr Andrew Newberg, the Hangout was packed with powerful spiritual and scientific information to help you understand your brain better and make it work for you.

In this and the next four posts, I’ll bring you the key segments from Baba’s Hangout.



In the introduction video above , Baba spoke about how the ancient yogis had intimate and secret knowledge of the functions of our brain.

However, to make it easier for people to understand, the yogis couched such functions in mythological terms. For example, the yogis equated the various functions of the brain to the five heads of Shiva and six heads of Muruga.

What is amazing is that the yogis were well aware of these brain functions at least 10,000 years ago (based on the writing of ancient scriptures).



Baba MOM.


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