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See How You Can Bless Two Less-Fortunate People With A Beautiful Diwali Gift Pack For Just US$10

November 1, 2013

Tripura Foundation


Namaste everyone,

Thank you to all of you for donating generously to Tripura Foundation’s Diwali Gift Packs which will go a long way in spreading DIWALI joy and blessings to 2900 HoPE Center children and 200 elderly people


Baba (SG Edit)Please help Baba and Tripura Foundation feed and clothe as many elderly poor and children from the HoPE Centers for DIWALI by sponsoring a DIWALI GIFT PACK for just US$10.


Your compassionate loving act will bring happiness and comfort to the lives of two people for DIWALI.


if you missed my earlier email on this beautiful Tripura Foundation project for Diwali, you can still read it HERE:



Each Diwali Gift Pack costs only US$10 and will give you the blessing to gift:


(i) DIWALI festive hot meals for 2 people AND

(ii) a saree or shirt /dhoti for an adult and AND

(iii) a beautiful new outfit for a girl or boy

To sponsor a DIWALI Gift pack is very easy. Just click on the picture above or click HERE


With love




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