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Watch the Recording of Tripura Foundation’s Thanksgiving Holiday-A-Thon on 30th November 2013

December 2, 2013

Tripura Holidayathon Play


Namaste everyone,

Join JAI RADHA as she welcomes special guests from TRIPURA FOUNDATION who share their personal miracle stories serving Tripura Foundation and how their own lives have been blessed manifold as a result.

Tripura Foundation Work Around the World 1MOHINI  is the Global Director of Tripura Foundation and she shares how she received a very divine blessing after deciding to sponsor a feeding for all 3000 HoPE Center children for her recent birthday. Mohini also explains the secret for getting (manifesting) what you want.

ALICE MOORE is the Director of Phonemic Intelligence and Tripura Foundation’s feeding programs in the US. She reveals how her life has dramatically changed since she came on board to serve Tripura Foundation.

RYAN IRVING is a former US Marine and combat veteran. Ryan shares his wonderful story how Dr Pillai (Baba)’s techniques helped him open up his heart. Ryan relates how over time, an overwhelming desire began to grow within him to give back to help the less fortunate. Ryan began volunteering with Tripura Foundation because he found Tripura Foundation’s model to be the most effective in reaching the most neediest of people.

Ryan also shares his beautiful birthday 2014 goal to raise US$1000 to feed a neglected community of lepers in South India.


Tripura Foundation

Please visit Tripura Foundation and see how you can make a difference in someone’s life with just a simple gift of US$10.

Just click on the Tripura Foundation picture above or HERE and make a difference.


With love



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