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Please Help Tripura Foundation in Their Efforts to Provide Comfort to the Abandoned Elderly Handicapped

December 26, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone,

Tripura FoundationOn this Christmas day, I would like to invite you to reach out with your love and compassion to the plight of a forgotten group of people who struggle to make it through each day.

Recently, during Diwali, Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Center children in India identified the most destitute elderly people in their villages who required immediate care. Elderly people who were disabled, abandoned, unable to get adequate food or water, or to care for their bodily functions.

These abandoned souls are experiencing a slow and painful death at their end of journey on this earth and with no one to look after them.


Dr Pillai


PeriyandiOne such heartbreaking instance is that of Madam Periyandi who is an abandoned elderly handicap living all alone.

Everyday is a struggle for Madam Periyandi – Madam Periyandi is 100 years old, is blind and crippled.

Due to her infirmity, Madam Periyandi can only sit in a crouched position with her knees closely pressed against her body.

The simple things we take for granted like being able to perform certain bodily functions are not possible for Madam Periyandi.

The good people at Tripura Foundation just could not stand by and watch this happen.

That is why Tripura Foundation decided to launch a new program called “HoPE for the Elderly” to take care of the abandoned elderly such as Madam Periyandi by providing them with simple daily food to survive, clothing and essentials (such as soap) to live a life of dignity in their twilight years.

One of the most powerful initiatives under Tripura Foundation’s “HoPE for the Elderly” program is where you can adopt one of these elderly and show them your love and compassion by sponsoring their simple daily food and water as well as a few basic needs such as soap and towel for them.




Please help to make a difference in the lives of these abandoned elderly who have otherwise little to live for.

All it takes US$1 a day to help them (US$30 a month) to ensure that such abandoned elderly receive the precious gift of:

  • daily food and clean water
  • simple clothing
  • items for their basic needs to help them maintain their dignity as human beings such as towels and soaps
  • occasional treats such as biscuits



Please Help



To learn more about Tripura Foundations “HoPE for the Elderly” program, please see HERE



With love


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